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M R Garcia

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M R Garcia - Fine Artist

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About M R Garcia

Michael is pleased to be a Trillium Web Artist. http://www.trilliumgallery.com/mr-garcia.html

All images copyrighted and may only be used or downloaded with written permission from M. R. Garcia.

Light and composition drive M. R. Garcia's pursuit to communicate with an audience. Light ,energy is a presence in the actual and metaphoric. In light is the connection to the spirit world, in its variances and activity inter dimensional presence; science and God. Trained in classical theater, he has an affinity for tableau. A Christian, the compassion of his faith informs all of his work though you will find homages to many spiritual walks as he is intrigued with the connections between them. Endeared to the impressionist and surrealist movement at a young age as a mature artist he found these were not only evident in his work but a natural extension of his personal vision. He will not shy from admitting he has known extraordinary experiences and many of his works were derived from these phenomenons.

Legally blind, after his hereditary condition caused him to stop working in theater as both performer and director he started focusing his creative energies towards graphic arts and music development. Always aiming at metaphor, social politics and spirituality in his early creative work this art form permitted him a creative bridge to the exploration of these themes in light and perspective. Filled with extraordinary spiritual and social trials, the recent nine years have drawn him to a deeper understanding of compassion and the perseverance of humanity to survive.

'How man is connected to world events and to history through the spirit is a mystery that always seems just beyond definition, beyond expression. Mine is an art that does not excuse my own moral fallibility. My art demands of me a choice, as it is a compelling dialogue between the shadow and the light . '

'I hope that you enjoy these works. And are compelled to recognize your innocence as much as you are moved to make a decision about what is important in our shared human experience.'

M. R. Garcia

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Donna Del Sole by M R Garcia


Contingency Among the Barbs by M R Garcia


Before the Age of Truth by M R Garcia


Cordelia and Lear After the Confusion is Done by M R Garcia


Light In the Morning by M R Garcia


Before Breadfast by M R Garcia


On the Frozen Shore Joan Faces the Hole of Isolation by M R Garcia


Joan's Day at the Beach by M R Garcia


Free Work by M R Garcia


Ingrid Bergman by M R Garcia


Fake Plastic Trees by M R Garcia


Before The Graves Opened by M R Garcia


Help Me God. by M R Garcia


Waiting for Shiloh Talitha Cumi by M R Garcia


Knight Vision by M R Garcia


In the Alley Near the Baptist Church by M R Garcia


The Faithful Husband by M R Garcia


As Salam by M R Garcia


eph 5 25 Faith Restored by M R Garcia


Lavender by M R Garcia


Afterwards The Pink Print by M R Garcia


Night Walk Though she does not Know the Seed of Early Hate was Slain by M R Garcia


Historia The Lost Voice by M R Garcia


Arios by M R Garcia

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