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Milena Gawlik

Kraków - Poland

Milena Gawlik - Fine Artist

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About Milena Gawlik

I always listen to my artistic heart, my inspiration. Everywhere I'm taking notes and sketchbook to always be able to save the idea. I catch all of my ideas and translate them later on paper or canvas.
They are dictated by my mood - once I want to draw a rainy alley with a mysterious figure, once the figure of a beautiful woman who knows what she wants, sometimes I want to draw beauty of the male body or another time figure of a cat staring at the night clouds outside the window. I have thousands of ideas ...

I don't limit myself to one artistic technique, because experimenting with different mediums gives me too much satisfaction! So, I use for example acrylic paints, pencils, watercolor pencils or chalk... One of my favorite medium is black ink - because you can use it to perfectly capture the essence of shape.
Besides, I also like to create posters that are computer graphics, or use to them his drawings.

Despite so many different topics and techniques I think a common theme of my art is a kind of nostalgia. I love the 60s - 80s period, all that music, films, famous faces and artistic design. That's the theme of my passions, longings, inspiration, musical tastes, my education and created art.

So, if you feel the same inspirations as I do, I invite you to browse my gallery!
And remember that you can always write me if you have any questions or suggestions - I am open to contact with you.

Milena Gawlik, born in '87, raised in Wa³brzych in Lower Silesia in Poland. Studies in Wroclaw (History of Art and the History with the professional activity related to the protection of historical monuments). She currently lives and works in Kraków, Poland.

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Old Town by Milena Gawlik


Saxophonist Jan Ptaszyn by Milena Gawlik


Trumpeter Thomas Stanko by Milena Gawlik


Violin by Milena Gawlik


Vintage Car by Milena Gawlik


Milena's self-portrait by Milena Gawlik


Beata by Milena Gawlik


Diana Ross by Milena Gawlik


Sophia Loren by Milena Gawlik


Gina Lollobrigida as Esmeralda by Milena Gawlik


Brigitte Bardot II by Milena Gawlik


Brigitte Bardot I by Milena Gawlik


Vivien Leigh by Milena Gawlik


Vanessa Paradis by Milena Gawlik


Lauren bacall by Milena Gawlik


Ewa by Milena Gawlik



Male Nude 51 by Milena Gawlik


Male Nude 20 by Milena Gawlik


male nude III by Milena Gawlik


Male Nude 39 by Milena Gawlik


Male Nude 41 by Milena Gawlik


Male Nude II by Milena Gawlik


Male Nude 27 by Milena Gawlik


Male Nude 49 by Milena Gawlik

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