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Misty Smith

San Diego, CA - United States








Misty Smith

San Diego, CA - United States

Misty Smith - Fine Artist

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About Misty Smith

This store has been created due to my art work that I wish to share with the public. Many products are available including PortraitART by Misty that showcases The Beatles, Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, as well as, other legends and legends in the making. Also available are Goddess paintings and soon to be added is my pin-up art inspired by the pin-up masters.

Even though I was born an artist and have remained an artist in my heart all of my life, I have created artistically only sporadically throughout my life. My artistic interest has always been drawing, dabbling in watercolors and then leading to painting with acrylic on canvas with the subject matter always being portraiture art. At one point I became very involved in Stained Glass Artistry, from which I gained great satisfaction. Creating a three dimensional piece was more labor intensive than painting, but doing so gave me a great sense of achievement. For the past thirty years, I have done minimal painting and it is only recently that I have become, now, fully immersed in my art! My focus and priority in those thirty years was raising and caring for my four wonderfully perfect and perfectly wonderful children! Now, due to their insistence and encouragement, I am painting on a daily basis and striving for goals that I had long ago given up on.

My eldest son invited me to show a piece in a local exhibit in which he was also showing and this is how it all began. My piece in that exhibit was representative of the Paul Is Dead controversy that began in 1967 and continues to this day. At the time of the exhibit, I had become fully immersed again, in adulthood, as had occurred in childhood, in The Beatles. I did experience Beatlemania when The Beatles arrived in the USA for the first time in 1964 at the age of ten and my Beatlemania continued throughout the next several years until they ended touring in 1966. Even though I did enjoy the Beatlesí music in the time frame of 1967 through their official break-up in 1970, The Beatles to me will always be symbolized by the music and the look of the early Beatles.

Ultimately, I have pulled my artistic side out again, dusted it off, and am exercising it every day. Each day and after each piece is completed, I am feeling more and more confident in bringing to the world my creative side. I hope you enjoy viewing my art work as much as I enjoy creating it! I am offering prints of my pieces and am available for commission of The Double Fantasy Portraits, Generations Portraits Collection, Portraits, and other works that you may wish for me to create.

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Smoking Paulie by Misty Smith


Paul McCartney Ed Sullivan Appearance by Misty Smith


Paul McCartney Blue Pop by Misty Smith


Ringo Starr Blue Pop by Misty Smith


George Harrison Blue Pop by Misty Smith


Lennon Blue Pop by Misty Smith


John Lennon Lavender by Misty Smith


Paulie and Ringo by Misty Smith


Paulie in Bowler Hat by Misty Smith


Paul McCartney Pop by Misty Smith


Paul McCartney Gear by Misty Smith


Paul McCartney Rain Truth by Misty Smith


Paulie Electric Blue by Misty Smith


The Beatles Inspired Portrait by Misty Smith


Elton John by Misty Smith


Ahhhh Ringo by Misty Smith


Lovely Marilyn by Misty Smith


Sweet Marilyn by Misty Smith


Lady Gaga 1 by Misty Smith


Jimi Hendrix 1 by Misty Smith


Bettie Page Classic by Misty Smith


George Harrison 1 by Misty Smith


Janis Joplin 1 by Misty Smith


Mick Jagger 1 by Misty Smith

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