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Victor Rugg

East Hampton, NY - United States








Victor Rugg

East Hampton, NY - United States

Victor Rugg - Fine Artist

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About Victor Rugg

I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember, I have worked for the Los Angeles Times,People Magazine, Donna Karen, Colonial Bank,Recovery Press,East Hampton Star, Wolffer Estate Vinyard,Kadampa,Mitchum Motorsports and other publications. My images can be seen in Books, Galleries, Magazines,The Web,Newspapers etc. I have been called a hidden image photographer. I try and capture images that we tend to miss. When the viewer gets what I am up to, they never see the world quite the same way again. I want to stop and mark time in a way that stimulates the viewer and gets them to question. I studied Art at Long Island University,where I recieved my Masters, but never stopped learning my craft. With the light as my partner and the never ending images I am always stimulated by the planet. I have traveled extensively all over the world and it shows up in my images.
Art goes deep in my being and gives me the most joy.Art surrounds all of us. There is art in being a friend,a father,a poet,a photographer or just showing up on the planet. I have worked in many aspects of art, including woodcarving,clay ,wood and glass sculptures, painting,ceramics,building furnature,graphics and sign making. I owned Spector Graphics in East Hampton for a number of years before I sold it and bought a 43 foot Morgan Sailboat in Tortola and sailed to Venezuela. I spent 13 months sailing in the Carabean before sailing back to the states. The amazing sunsets influenced many aspects of my art. Living with nature and being at its mercy has a profound effect on how you view the world. I like working with with all subjects, but I most enjoy working with shadows,rust and texture,creating images that exist in nature that most people overlook. Many artist I know don't show there work because it is to revealing. My photographs are me and I am them. I can't just take an image. It has to say something to me and I believe if it speaks to me it will speak to others.
I also write Poetry and hope to finish a book with poems attached to images. I see beauty and the rhythm and rhyme of the universe in whatever I do. This is the living breathing essence of my work,as it is my life's philosophy.My images are born from the positive energy both from within and without. It is my goal that the viewer sees and feels this energy as they experience the image. The image is a microscopic point in time. The camera gives me the opportunity to not only stop time but save it. Therefore,the image is the marker and the viewer suspended by it can go back and forth in time.
Since it has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, my images reflect the poetry that only they can speak. I believe that creativity is born out of all the knowledge that already exists in the world and the artist,who,by nature of his being an artist,sees the universe differently and does his or her best to create something new and different with every image. The dance begins with you at the center,joined by the light and the infinate subjects, with never enough time to capture it all. How couild life be boring? I dedicate all my work to my Mother. As a child I watched her take pictures and she bought me my first camera. SHe is now 90 years old and still taking images. She showed me the way and still encourages me. I have two children both who are accomplished photographers. Lets all pass on our gifts. We can change the world and make it a positive place to BE

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