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Yehan Wang

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Yehan Wang

Coquitlam, BC - Canada

Yehan Wang - Fine Artist

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About Yehan Wang

Born in 1959, Shanghai, China, Wang Yehan graduated from the University of Arts, Shanghai (now is Shanghai University, Fine Art College) in 1980. At the time when the avant-garde frenzy was starting in China, he was awarded the second prize at the 1st Youth Art Exhibition held by the Shanghai Art Museum in 1985. Since then, he has focused on abstract paintings. Wang majored in art and graphic design at George Brown University in Toronto, Canada. Also he received an Award of Excellence, Federation Gallery (FCA), Vancouver, BC in Canada and held exhibitions in New York and Florida. He currently lives and has been working in Shanghai since 2005.

While interest for Chinese contemporary art is booming worldwide and a lot of Chinese artists focus on works of Pop art which has been developed into a trend, Wang Yehan pursues abstract paintings. Wang¡¯s works have many layers of pigments and the pigments mingle and intersect each other. He follows his instinct and intuition when he paints. His paintings are composed of countless brushstrokes painted on an empty canvas, a style which resonates with the spiritual training of the old oriental philosophy. On the other hand, Wang¡¯s works show a strong texture of material which appears like a bunch of fabrics. As commented by art critic Wu Liang, there is a lively vitality in Wang¡¯s painting. It seems that it is the countless simple lines and colors that attributed to the strength and mood in each painting. Hence, in Wang Yehan¡¯s work, we can have two different feelings at a same time ¨C peace and dynamism. This could be seen in the ¡®all over¡¯ composition style paintings, crossing shaped style paintings, and ¡®new wave¡¯ style paintings which explore such strong energy.

These days, Wang Yehan¡¯s works attracted a lot of attention from art lovers and collectors internationally. He is getting recognition in Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, and he has exhibited his work in museums in China. Wang¡¯s works are collected internationally in places such as the Hong Kong Grand Hyatt Macao, Luxury Art Hotel in USA, the HSBC Bank, and the West Lake Museum in Hangzhou, China. His works are also collected in national government offices and CEO¡¯s offices including the Pine Stone Country Club and Centerium Golf Center, Korea.


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