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Tara Miller

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Tara Miller

Tampa, FL - United States

Tara Miller - Fine Artist

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About Tara Miller

The world is full of beauty. Everywhere we look there is something of beauty- a tree, a flower, a bee on a plant, a falling leaf, clouds, a sunset, a bird resting on a limb, a smiling face. If we just take the time to slow down and revel in this miracle that we call earth, we would be more at peace and more content…….In our modern culture, most folks are on autopilot- going through each day asleep–using each moment as a means to get to the next moment. Not truly understanding the power of each moment. I see my photography as a way to capture the ordinary, everyday things in a way that even the most unconscious person will recognize their beauty- each piece of nature is a reflection of god… beauty can be found in the most common-even people… we all have a story to tell. I have a lot to learn but think I am on the right path:)

My photos are also a reflection of my own personal spiritual journey where I have come to relish in the most unassuming things….Remember…..“When you really want something, the universe always conspires in your favor.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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Final Resting Place by Tara Miller


Bleached by Tara Miller


Hawaiian Goddess Meets the Sea by Tara Miller


I Now Know by Tara Miller


Taking it all in by Tara Miller


Looking for a place to Fish by Tara Miller


Palm Reader by Tara Miller


Woman at the Window by Tara Miller


The Art Industry by Tara Miller


Fiery Personality by Tara Miller


Click here to find God by Tara Miller


Birthday Blessing by Tara Miller


Pendulum by Tara Miller


Mother Nature's Christmas Gift by Tara Miller


Snow Dusting by Tara Miller


Ice crystals by Tara Miller


Sun beam Skyline by Tara Miller


Atlanta Skyline by Tara Miller


Take the First Step by Tara Miller


St. Francis of Assisi by Tara Miller


Light Filtering In by Tara Miller


Green by Tara Miller


Spiraling by Tara Miller


Creeping Fig by Tara Miller

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   |   Images = 551





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