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Tony Weatherman

Uehlilng, Ne - United States








Tony Weatherman

Uehlilng, Ne - United States

Tony Weatherman - Fine Artist

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About Tony Weatherman

Thank you for taking a look at our Fine Art Photography and hope you enjoy the way I see the world through my lens.
We are located about fifty miles NNW of Omaha Nebraska
and our Fine Art prints reflect the rural life in and around our area.
There are a lot of old barns and rural churches that are well over one hundred years old and we are trying to preserve as many of them as we can in our prints while they are still standing.
Most of the barns are fast fading away and giving way to the modern metal buildings that can house the larger farm equipment used in modern agriculture. It is a shame because they are so much a part of the heritage of this area.
A lot of the churches are still in use and are central to the communities they serve.
One other item that is going by the wayside is the numerous windmills used to get water from underground and made life on the Great Plains possible. They were referred to as 'Sentinels of the Great Plains'. We find them in some unusual settings as you can see in our portfolio. Some are still used to water stock but not for human use anymore.

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