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Karen Adams

Columbus, OH - United States








Karen Adams

Columbus, OH - United States

Karen Adams - Fine Artist

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I have always loved taking pictures. I majored in Fine Arts at Ohio University in Athens where I concentrated on painting and ceramics. Photography was a hobby I loved, but have still never taken a class. Hopefully, I will get around to that some day!

People see beauty everywhere, but most of us are just too busy or stressed to really appreciate or pay attention! Butterflies are gorgeous pieces of artwork fluttering right before our eyes and many times we just don't notice them. At least, that's the way I was until just three years ago. I was helping my parents downsize so they could move into a lovely new retirement village. In cleaning out lots of memorabilia and going through so much beautiful artwork that my dad had done through the years, we came across a small booklet called 'Butterflies of Ohio.' Dad told me how he and his brother, when they were teenagers, used to catch butterflies. They made beautiful backgrounds to look like sky and added plant materials before mounting the butterflies and framing them. Then they would sell them. I actually have one of these, but never really knew the story behind it. He gave me the book.

I then found I was noticing more and more butterflies. I love to garden and realized that most days I was not alone in my garden. I had many butterfly friends fluttering about. Of course, then I started taking a picture or two. Then I thought, wouldn't it be great to photograph each kind of butterfly that is in that little booklet? When a Zebra Swallowtail entered my world, I was hooked! I have taken so many pictures of them, that I had to find a place to share them with others, and I found FAA.

Some butterflies are large and really grab your attention. The small ones can go completely un-noticed, but if you take the time to look, they are all quite beautiful! You can't help but smile and feel at peace when you are in the wonderful company of a butterfly!..

I also have a personal website called http://www.ksworldart.com/ where you can also look at images of my little piece of Mother Earth! Hopefully we can all live in gratitude for the treasures around us!

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'When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.'
― Ansel Adams

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