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Gabe Art Inc

Virginia Beach, VA - United States

Gabe Art Inc - Fine Artist

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GABE (H. Dale Gabriel) began in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and in high school moved to Hershey, the chocolate town. Served a tour in the Navy, gaining impressions worldwide. Over a year hitchhiking the USA, from the east coast to the west coast. GABE found a home in Greenwich Village. A major gallery exhibit in 1969 of GABE originals was a success and printed in the Village Voice. After several European trips he studied art in Stockholm, Sweden. Explored the many islands of the Caribbean. GABE discovered NYC a bit unsettling in the late sixties. Moved outside Woodstock, NY, collecting unemployment. Heard Boston beckoning him with a new job. A much better environment for his art, he rented 4,000 square feet of warehouse space overlooking the entire Boston harbor. Wrote Green Flash over St. Vincent and Caribbean Fever. Created Art constantly for over 35 straight years. Bought a beautiful new beach home for a more relaxed life in Virginia Beach, with his new Trini wife, Minowtie.

GABE’s innovations and rich depth do not have him yearning for the sixties. This man has always carried an art with vision--way ahead of his time—and his storytelling images will assure his place in the history books.

NEW YORK CITY, off Union Square, Max’s Kansas City Restaurant, were the breeding grounds for GABE’s pop art sixties inspirations.
FRANK STELLA moved to NYC from Boston. After eight intense years in New York, GABE sought a more quiet introspection in Boston, MA.
ROY LICHTENSTEIN was assured red-velvet seating at Max’s. The Warhol clan signed ‘Andy’ on anything from bar bills to napkins. Janis Joplin could not be recognized at the end of the bar. Dylan popped in. Mick Jagger was overlooked for VIP treatment. many stories.
GABE was manager / maitre’d / host at the center of the Art world. In the thirty-five years that followed, displayed his most prolific artistic talent.
Thousands of fine line drawings, pen and ink portraits, elaborate round decoupages, paintings, books, drawings, sketches, geometrics, writings, songs and poems--all meticulously archived, catalogued, appraised and registered. MAX ERNST introduced this style of collage but GABE perfected the art form, transforming it into dreamlike textures of images. Uncounted cuttings by cuttings from newspapers, magazines, advertisements, are painstakingly assembled into a surrealistic varicolored design of perpetual interrelationships.
GABE’s collages initially overwhelm you by their size and crisp detail, captivate you by their flow and motion of free association with a theme and rhythm. Cynical at times, naive at others but always open, blatant and screaming out where others rather stay mute.

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Starving African by Gabe Art Inc


Star of David by Gabe Art Inc


Mouth by Gabe Art Inc


Sissy by Gabe Art Inc


Coral by Gabe Art Inc


Manet Mosaic Picnic by Gabe Art Inc


Picasso 1965 by Gabe Art Inc


Boston Skyline by Gabe Art Inc


Hurricane Carter by Gabe Art Inc


Morning Coffee by Gabe Art Inc


Chipped Leaves by Gabe Art Inc


Dexter by Gabe Art Inc


Silver Slippers in Sand by Gabe Art Inc


Seal of Solomon by Gabe Art Inc


Door Window by Gabe Art Inc


Holy Holy Holy by Gabe Art Inc


Black Sand on the Beach by Gabe Art Inc


Cardboard Sunset by Gabe Art Inc


Checkered Wheel by Gabe Art Inc


The Queen by Gabe Art Inc


Half Fool Dog by Gabe Art Inc


Skeleton of Infant by Gabe Art Inc


Capitol Star by Gabe Art Inc


Stone Fish by Gabe Art Inc

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