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Longmont, CO - United States

A Stamp - Fine Artist

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My love of photography started early. I grew up in Longmont, Colorado so could take magnificent mountain pictures, amazing animal pictures and enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park in so many ways. I started taking pictures at the age of 6 with a Polaroid instant camera, it was great fun to have the picture appear instantly. I remember taking a great Polaroid of a pig rolling in the mud. I then graduated to a wonderful 35mm which I used for alot of years with having great fun developing the film to see whether the magical picture I thought I was taking was what appeared on the film. In the the mean time I started travelling and started seeing so many wonderful sights and people. I started blowing pictures up to large sizes like 24x36, which is fun to see what changes in the perspectives as you get to large size pictures. I now have a digital SLR, which has the magic of the Polaroid and the wonder of 35mm to be able to blow pictures up in size. It is great fun with the digital. I was fortunate to have a love of photography from a very young age. It always seems magical like those first instant pictures to capture a great scene or animal and have the beauty move me and those that see the picture. It really is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. I love being able to go different places and capture at different times of the day with different light and moods. I love to sit and take pictures whereever I am. It is a such wonder and beauty and brings such joy whenever and wherever I am able to take pictures. I feel lucky to be able to take pictures of the great beauty that is around and share it with others. I hope that you enjoy these pictures as much as I have taking them.
Have a great day!

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Flying kites by A Stamp


Dawn Over Longs Peak by A Stamp


Longs Peak and Big Round Bales by A Stamp


Colorado Hay by A Stamp


Z Cloud by A Stamp


Cloud X by A Stamp


By the water by A Stamp


Bellowing Elk by A Stamp


Bull Elk in the Meadow by A Stamp


Sleepy Moose by A Stamp


Aware and Smiling Moose by A Stamp


Ragged Moose by A Stamp


Wild Beauty by A Stamp


Beauty in the Wild by A Stamp


Field Moose by A Stamp


Hanging Loose Moose by A Stamp


Pig on a motorcycle by A Stamp


Fishing for food by A Stamp


Pulling hay by A Stamp


Eating while working by A Stamp


Hardworking cattle by A Stamp


Street Running by A Stamp


Dough on the street by A Stamp


Sunset on the lake by A Stamp


Blue Skies by A Stamp


Temples of Old by A Stamp


Queen of the river by A Stamp


Coffee by A Stamp


Soup for you by A Stamp


Cambodia Clothes Line by A Stamp

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   |   Images = 30