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Aaron Spain

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Aaron Spain

Parker, CO - United States

Aaron Spain - Fine Artist

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About Aaron Spain

Aaron Spain
Parker, CO
I grew up in a small town in northern Illinois west of Chicago. The son of a carpenter, I have always enjoyed working with my hands and creating things. I attended college at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, IL and earned a BSed in Art Education. After college I moved to Springfield, IL where I taught Art at Springfield High School. I moved to Denver, CO in June of 2004. I love living in Colorado, and I love all it has to offer me as a landscape artist and outdoor enthusiast. My primary inspiration for my work is the annual fall trip to the Mountains to view the aspens in their full glory.
I work mainly in oils and paint mostly landscapes. I will branch off into a random watercolor or pencil drawing and on occasion I will do a commissioned portrait as well. I like the workability and time oil provides me while painting. Pencil work was definitely my first love as an artist which I feel is evident by my detailed drawings that are laid down before my paintings are started. It is for the most part an unnecessary step in the painting process, but I find that it is most definitely a necessary step in my mental approach to painting.
My landscape paintings’ main emphasis tends not to necessarily be based on realism, but I like to base them more on color and composition. My aspens (as well as all my other landscapes) tend to have highly exaggerated features and coloring. I feel this provides a dramatic effect within the painting that is visually appealing. I work mostly from my head only referencing photographs that I have taken for ideas. I feel a photograph can never do a landscape the justice it deserves. I try to bring that awe of seeing a beautiful landscape with your own eyes to life in my paintings.

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