Abigail Newman - Fine Artist

Abigail Newman

Wausau, WI - United States








Abigail Newman

Wausau, WI - United States

Abigail Newman - Fine Artist

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About Abigail Newman

ABIGAIL Newman was born and lives in Wausau, Wisconsin in the USA. She produces work through a meditative spiritual state, using a natural rhythm through which her artistic forms and expressions grow organically with layers to give birth to her distinctive artistic forms.

“I AM NOT tied to any one idea but rather let the image create itself. While my mind is clear of thought, and I am inside a meditative emptiness, I am channeled into a different realm.

“I work in layers using different media, whether painting, drawing or sketching. My artistic images build layer upon layer until I hear a whisper in my mind or get a feeling of what the image is. I can queue into it, adding the last touches to the finished image. Often times, someone else can see other things in the art piece that I didn’t even realize I had drawn. do not even look at the next piece of charcoal or art tool that will be used next. I switch hands when I draw or rotate the canvas numerous times during the creative process because I believe in random chance. It is meant to be that way because all things are connected with reasons that cannot be explained.

“I believe healing takes place in the creative process. When I step back and see something at a different angle, I know the healing has happened. What is right in front of you takes time to understand. It is the joy that fills my heart when I can help another see what it is beyond a piece of paper.”

'I believe that creativity is a direct link to the Divine'.
Abby Rose

Among other career highlights, Abigail is winner of the Anita Appel International Study/Travel Scholarship, the Carlton Hill Memorial Scholarship and the Festival Arts Award. Her engaging artwork has been featured in online blogs by Femme Tales (http://femmetales.com) and Dream Live Studio (http://www.dreamlifewellness.com/4/post/2012/01/spirit-art.html).

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