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Adam Barone

Dundee, IL - United States








Adam Barone

Dundee, IL - United States

Adam Barone - Fine Artist

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About Adam Barone

About my work and why I do what I do:

Some of my oldest memories involve interest in organization and detail. My fascination with lighting and composition took shape in my middle school art classes, and itís formed into whatís now my most effective stress relief. Iíve become grateful for the ability to create such dynamic illusions and the opportunity to escape my thoughts in the process of letting my talents go to work.

I find satisfaction in creating something that appears physically complex and deep thatís still able to retain its overall simplicity. Similar to the escape provided by sport, I enjoy and appreciate isolating logic in a visual sense. Not everything in life 'means' something, which is an idea of which I sometimes need to remind myself. My love of sports and art exists and intersects in a place that both exudes logic and spares subjectivity.

Iím most comfortable working in graphite pencil because of itís versatility and precision, though Iíve recently grown a fondness for photography. I also enjoy the challenge and potential presented by oil paint, though I tend to follow whatever material, medium or subject matter has momentum for me. I consider a work to have turned out ďwellĒ when a certain amount of depth, detail and realism has been achieved and an appealing focal point is established.

My focus as an artist is still evolving, and my opportunity to develop it is increasing. Iím looking forward to seeing what Iím working on in five and ten years.

Feel free to contact me with comments and requests!

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