Adam Brett - Fine Artist

Adam Brett

Jacksonville, FL - United States








Adam Brett

Jacksonville, FL - United States

Adam Brett - Fine Artist

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About Adam Brett

Adam Brett is a self taught artist currently residing in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Over the years Adam started to realize that so much of creating art is the overall process. That process is what he takes very seriously. 'Art is something that should not be restrictive in nature and, therefore, if the finished product evokes a strong sense of emotion, good or bad, than the piece has achieved something. To me, art is all about expressing one’s self through the mediums and that is the voyage I embark on every single day'.

Adam has always been fascinated by colors and the blending of colors. Within the work that Adam creates, the colors used are the primary vehicle to translate the image within the painting.
Since moving to Jacksonville, Adam discovered a love for painting outside in the natural elements. Consequently, his love for visceral personification of colors and the outdoor environment has ignited an inspiration within his heart and mind like nothing he has ever experienced before and thus inspiring his current collection of paintings.

Adam rarely limit's himself to the sole use of a 'paint brush' because so many other objects can be used to move the paint and create the overall motion within a piece. He uses brushes, sponges, wood tilting, pallet knives, scrapers and other objects. each designed to allow the artist to incorporate a lot of textures into his work. The style of art that Adam creates is unique as most of his pieces are a display of flowing colors that include great depth. 'What may appear to be many colors thrown on to a canvas is really somewhat of a calculated exercise. Knowing how to use certain complimentary colors with one another to evoke emotion is challenging. I usually have warmer colors as the vocal point with cooler colors as the back drop with the hope of creating motion in my work'. 'Overall, my goal is to achieve the appropriate blending and placement of colors throughout the painting. I believe that if you use colors correctly, no matter what the painting subject, the outcome will be an effective way of communicating the desired effect'.

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