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Adel Jarbou

Benghazi - Libya

Adel Jarbou - Fine Artist

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About Adel Jarbou

My name is Adel A Jarbou from Benghazi Libya,painter and theater Scenography designer.
You can read my interview at this link ;
ADEL JARBOU – CV & General Work Review
Born in Benghazi 1/1/1961
Art Director of Arabic Culture Magazine (1996 to 2000)
Participated in most Art Exhibitions in Benghazi, such as:
• First Alahli Club Exhibition Benghazi June 1986
• Second Great Manmade River Exhibition, Benghazi April 1987
• Benghazi Basic Congress First Art Festival Mars 1987
• Awarded the First Prize of the Grand Cultural Competition, Benghazi Mars 1990
• General Graphic Arts Exhibition, Free Sudio Benghazi 86, 87, 88, 1989
• General Graphic Arts Exhibition, Garyounis University, Benghazi 86, 87, 88, 1989.
• General Graphic Arts Exhibition, Arab Medical University, Benghazi 86, 88, 1990.
• General Graphic Arts Exhibition, Dawaa Islamia Complex, Benghazi 91, 92, 1993.
• Sebha (Libya) Culture Festival 1988.
• Intifida Exhibition, Touristic Village, Benghazi 1990.
• Second Alfateh Cultural Festival, Misrata (Libya) December 1997
• General Graphic Arts Exhibition, Misrata (Libya) July 1998.
• General Graphic Arts Exhibition, Benghazi October 1998.
Individual Exhibitions
o Arab Medical University, November 1994
o First Exhibition at Dawaa Islamia Complex, Benghazi April 1996
o Benghazi Tourist Exhibition, Benghazi September 1997
o Tibesti Hotel, Benghazi (Individual Exhibition) October 1997
o Ras Lanouf (Libya), (Individual Exhibition) November 1997
o French Cultural Center (individual exhibition) Tripoli December 2003
Other Participations:
 First Cultural Festival January 1999, Aljasr Adhabi Hall, Benghazi.
 Alfateh Graphic Arts Exhibtion, Dawa Islamia Complex, Benghazi October 2000.
 Poet Ibrahim Losta Omar Fiftieth Anniversary Festival, Derna (Libya) Mars 2003
 Intifida Support Exhibition, Dawa Islamia, Benghazi July 2003.
 Culture Challenge Festival, Dawa Islamia Complex, April 2003
 Medina Cultural Festival, Dawa Islamia Mars 2005.
 Alkaf (Tunisia) 24 Hours Non Stop Theater Festival, Tunis Mars 2005
 Memorial of Departed Artist Mohamed Estatia, Dawa Islamia, Benghazi May 2005.
 Verona (Italy) Let the Mediterranean Be A Sea of Peace, Verona July 2005 (artists from Italy & Libya)
 Silvium Gallery Exhibition, Culture General Council, Benghazi August 2007
 Hoon Tourist Festival, Hoon (Libya) November 2008
Graphic Design
 Designer of posters for many institutions in Libya.
 Designer of Book Covers for Poets and Writers from Libya
Theater Scenes Design
 “Attahteem” (Destruction) play, National Theater, Benghazi 1997 (awarded the first prize for best comprehensive work) Tripoli 1997, Seventh National Festival.
 “Jackellail” play, people’s Company, Benghazi 1997
 “Algajar Gajar” play, National Theater, Benghazi 1999.
 “Qallaak Walleli” play, Great Manmade River Theater Company
 Awarded the First Prize in scenes’ design for Best Comprehensive Work (Qallaak Walleli play)
 People’s Theater, “Shayia Watti” play, Benghazi 2001
 People’s Theater, “Laa Tusaleh” play, Benghazi 2002, the play won the audience prize at Beida (Libya) Experimental Theater August 2002.
 “Khayriaa Alassabia” play, People’s Theater, Benghazi 2002.
 “Addars paly”, (The lesson -Eugen Ionesco) National Theater, Benghazi 2003.
 “Youcef & Yasmina” play, People’s Theater 2003
 “Kalam Nassaween” play, National Thought Theater, Benghazi 2003.
 “Almahatta” play, Arab Theater, Benghazi 2003
 “ Baee Arreeh” play, National Theater, Derna (Libya) 2007.
TV Scenes Desgn
 Scenes Designer for the Series “Assheel Akademi”,Jamahiriya TV,9-2004.
 Scenes Designer for the series “Hadrazi” Jamahiriya TV,8-2008.
 Scenes Designer for the series “Libicom” Jamahiriya TV,8-2008

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