AE Hansen - Fine Artist

AE Hansen

Niagara Falls, ON - Canada








AE Hansen

Niagara Falls, ON - Canada

AE Hansen - Fine Artist

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December 13th, 2011







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About AE Hansen

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AE Hansen
A very short Bio until I have a moment to do this with the care it deserves.
Graduate of 3 degree, Hons BA, Psyc., BEd., and then somewhat later I realized I wished to pursue something I had put on the back burner for a variety of reasons...that resulted in degree 3, BA Visual Arts
I find all three degrees, learning, life experiences, and work all intermingle with each other more and more as I progress with my art.
I am always trying to become more intuitive with my art while maintaining a certain level of control and technique at the same time. I suposse one could say this is what I am always trying to do in my own life as there you have it, me in a nutshell.

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Lest We Foorget by AE Hansen


Young Woman in Profile-Quick Self Study by AE Hansen


Master Copy by AE Hansen


Old Friend by AE Hansen


Kaliedoscope by AE Hansen


Dancing in the Northern Night by AE Hansen


Heart of the Golden Retriever by AE Hansen


Fire Red Lilies by AE Hansen


Sweet Little Winter Seal Pup of my Soul by AE Hansen


Japanese Fern by AE Hansen


Bee or not to Be by AE Hansen


Young Girl Young Woman by AE Hansen


Baltimore Orioles by AE Hansen


Rosie Glow by AE Hansen


Mr G for grouchy Gargoyle ESQ by AE Hansen


Softly Blooming Rose by AE Hansen


Shadow Cat Portrait by AE Hansen


Mom's Teapot - Alice by AE Hansen


Self Contemplation - Reflections Bunny by AE Hansen


Self Portrait of Artist in Pastel by AE Hansen

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