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Alex Tien

Somerset, NJ - United States








Alex Tien

Somerset, NJ - United States

Alex Tien - Fine Artist

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About Alex Tien

I am a graduate from Rutgers University with a B.A. degree in the Fine Arts and a concentration in Painting and Drawing. I have much experience in working with children from both of my previous and current jobs as an Art Teacher for children aged 4 through 14.

My works and style are mostly of an Abstract and Impressionistic nature. To me, art is oftentimes subjective. Most people relate with a work of art by finding a personal story or memory that can be the bridge that connects the individual to the piece. I personally like the 'hunt' in finding the possible meaning, whether it exists or not. The meaning that one may find may not be the same as another person. I like to have fun with my paintings so that a picture is truly worth a thousand words, where viewers will be able to discuss and share their unique and personal feelings and memories with one another.

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Smiley by Alex Tien

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