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Alice Martin

Newport, OR - United States








Alice Martin

Newport, OR - United States

Alice Martin - Fine Artist

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About Alice Martin

'I was raised in a culturally enriched environment with focus on both the visual arts and performing arts. My mother enrolled me in private art and music classes beginning at the age of seven. For many years during and after college, I explored, created, and showed my work professionally as a clay artist. I taught ceramics in my private studio, and later on was an adjunct faculty member, teaching beginning ceramics at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. During my years as a clay artist, I showed my work at many fine galleries, won numerous juried exhibition awards, and had a piece accepted in the noted Marietta National Juried Exhibition. I was one of the very fortunate Individual Artist Fellowship Grant recipients which was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Alaska State Council on the Arts. In 1984, I was commissioned by the Alaska State Council on the Arts to create the Governor's Awards for the Arts that were awarded to several artists that year. Vice President Walter Mondale and his wife Joan were important patrons for the arts. During their years at the Vice Presidental Mansion in Washington D.C., they displayed original artwork in the mansion on loan from various museum collections throughout the country. Henry Hopkins of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was Joan Mondale's guiding eye in making the selections from the western and Pacific coast states museums. They selected my porcelain vase from the Anchorage Museum of History and Art's collection to be on display for a year. The vase went on to be displayed at the National Museum of American Art in Washington D.C. Now, in this later stage of life in the Pacific Northwest, I have been exploring photography for the past six months as my new medium of expression. I am very excited about my results and am anxious to see what I will be doing in another six months and beyond. For many years I did photographic portfolio work for myself and a few of my students, which I loved to do. I am finding that digital photography has opened up a whole new world. I do not always use the camera to document reality. Sometimes, it is just the beginning of whatever I am trying to create. I believe in using any and all tools that I own in the form of software, hardware, and my own ability to understand how to use those tools. I have barely scratched the surface in my understanding and will continue learning for however long I am on this earth. My images are created to please my own eye, and when I am successful in creating my vision, the satisfaction is intense. I am very passionate about what I do, and as with everything I take on, I believe in 'doing the heck out of it'. I like to think of my life as a tree with many branches and this is a new branch full of vigorous growth for me. I know that the tree will flourish, since I will never stop creating something new......ever.' Alice is a former 40 year Alaskan resident from a pioneer Anchorage family and currently resides in Newport, Oregon. Please visit!
Former clay artist, National Endowment funded State Arts Council Fellowship Recipient, Multiple Juried Art Exhibition Award Winner, Noted Exhibits: National Museum of American Art, Washington D.C., The Pacific Coast States Collection @ The Vice Presidential Mansion, Washington D.C., The Marietta National Exhibition

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