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Alicia Post

Donovan, IL - United States








Alicia Post

Donovan, IL - United States

Alicia Post - Fine Artist

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About Alicia Post

Showing an early interest in the arts, Alicia has been painting and drawing as far back as she can remember. Choosing to further her natural talents, she attended college and received an associates degree in visual arts in 2008. The following year, Alicia took her art on the road and began doing live painting at events. Sense that time, she has painted at a multitude shows and festivals including Envision Festival, Wakarusa, Hyperion M&AF, ShoeFest, Snow Shoe, Cabin Fever M&AF, Putnam County M&AF, Camp Kind, Spacestock, Whippersnap, Camp Euphoria, Merchant Street M&AF, and Funkin Digital M&AF. She has performed with artists such as Tipper, Random Rab, Nahko & Medicine for the People, Rising Appalachia, Digital Tape Machine, Emancipator, Eoto, Keller Williams, Future Rock, Papadosio, Elephant Revival, Terrapin Flyer w/ Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead), Family Groove Company, Old Shoe, Afternoon Moon, Dixon's Violin, Brainchild, Art of Ill Fusion, Fifth World, Soap, The Coop, Genome, Thinner Teed, UV Hippo, Cosby Sweater, and IndigoSun. Alicia is available for live painting at your event, whether it be a music festival, corporate event, wedding, or a private party. She has studio and live paintings available, as well as taking custom commissioned pieces.

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A Gypsy's Moon by Alicia Post


Music's Brow by Alicia Post


Truth is One by Alicia Post


Swan Dive Down by Alicia Post


Metamorphosis by Alicia Post


Excesso by Alicia Post


Crowning of Ajna by Alicia Post


Amrut by Alicia Post


A Gypsy's Sun by Alicia Post


Cirque Du Shadow by Alicia Post


A Lesson in Art Therapy by Alicia Post


The Majestic One by Alicia Post


Taste the Roy G Biv by Alicia Post


Nightmares Bring Daydreams by Alicia Post


Jimi Hendrix by Alicia Post


Ganesha by Alicia Post


Even the Devil has Sticks by Alicia Post


Euphoric Kind of Putnam County by Alicia Post


Hold Now Your Tongue Silence the Sound Forming by Alicia Post


Cirlces Perceive Scribbles by Alicia Post


Essence by Alicia Post


Saints and Masks by Alicia Post


Mcnally Factor by Alicia Post


Severed by Alicia Post

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