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Alika Kumar

Glendale, AZ - United States








Alika Kumar

Glendale, AZ - United States

Alika Kumar - Fine Artist

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About Alika Kumar

As far back as I can remember, I have painted, whether bored, inspired or broke, art was always the solution. Art is my favorite language. It touches everyone, and tells a thousand tales on its own. A citizen of the earth, it is my earnest intention to gather world colors and promote the world around us including other cultures, and perspectives.

My works include pencil portraits, landscapes and currently more abstract expression. Now, I strive to find and develop my own style and expression. My recent series on India has provided me with just such an outlet, as I explore and mix different themes, bringing together ancient heritage with modern expression, a new zeal, and my own attitude. I hope to inspire curiosity and a desire to explore other cultures.

A series on India explores the history, culture and architecture of India. The latest series on Feng Shui incorporates the Taoist principles to bring healing for various aspects of life.

The 'Urban Reflections' series explores modern day city buildings in an abstract form. Now as my art portfolio grows, so does my imagination, and I find myself day-dreaming day and night. When I sit through a boring meeting and look out of the window, the image that greets me becomes a potential painting, as does a scene on the street, in the garden and almost everywhere I look. Suddenly, life gets in the way, and I would rather be painting than doing just about anything else! Ah! the dream goes on, and I have many more thoughts that I must translate on to canvas.

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