Alvin Hepler - Fine Artist

Alvin Hepler

Fairbank, iowa - United States








Alvin Hepler

Fairbank, iowa - United States

Alvin Hepler - Fine Artist

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May 18th, 2013







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About Alvin Hepler

Lets get it right out there I love wildlife. You must too or You wouldn't be visiting this page. I also like to hunt and fish, but I don't have to harvest an animal or catch a fish when I go out, just the thrill of nature is enough for me. I've been out there on Gods Front Porch most of the past 50 years and I see things happening that I feel I have to paint. Most of my paintings are of wildlife as you can see but I do paint anything and have done so .from car hoods to tailgate to gymnasium mural with airbrush to portraits but here is where I paint with acrylic. I have since retired in Dec of 2013 after 36 years in factory this is what I have been wanting to do all my life..... they say I am going to burn my self out no I am just catching up with lost time to paint 45 paintings in less than 3 months all bigger than 16x20........ I'm catching up
If you stop by here and don't purchase give me a like or comment that keeps me on right track... but I do feel I am going right direction with this love to put Gods creatures on canvas for all to see as I see them
Thanks for stopping by,

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Ole Tree by Alvin Hepler


Giggers by Alvin Hepler


Homestead by Alvin Hepler


Turkey Hunt With Grandpaw at the Gas Line by Alvin Hepler


Bow Hunter Full Draw by Alvin Hepler


Fenceline Pheasants by Alvin Hepler


Should of Went... Wasn't to Warm by Alvin Hepler


Lets Get It On by Alvin Hepler


Travis Buck - Perfect Twelve by Alvin Hepler


Red Fox- One Last Look by Alvin Hepler


Red And Triple Drop by Alvin Hepler


Great Blue Heron by Alvin Hepler


Majesty King Of The Mountain by Alvin Hepler


Trapper by Alvin Hepler


Buffalo Calling by Alvin Hepler


Dinner Time On The River by Alvin Hepler


Battle - Elk by Alvin Hepler


Mountain Goat - Mount Rushmore by Alvin Hepler


At The Falls - Whitetail by Alvin Hepler


America's Symbols Of Freedom by Alvin Hepler


Couple Old Boys - Whitetail by Alvin Hepler


Pronghorn Antelope by Alvin Hepler


Heading To The Waterhole - Pronghorn Antelope by Alvin Hepler


Turkey River Walleye by Alvin Hepler

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   |   Images = 78





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