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Amy Bradley

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Amy Bradley

Enterprise, Or - United States

Amy Bradley - Fine Artist

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About Amy Bradley

Living in different places all throughout Oregon's country sides and traveling with my parents who moved where the better carpentry jobs where for my Dad until his disability retirement from Port of Portland not too long ago. We now live in the country side of Wallowa County near the mountains there in a small town community and help care for and maintain our elderly sick Grandpa's home and property there. Our camping with friends and family in Summer's and Winter hunting trips too I know helped to inspire my imagination my Mother has so much to do with this she always encouraged and supported me to imagine things and places that made me happy and to even write or draw about them too and I did allot too. Now being back at home I have found a new outlet and more encouragements and helping guides online as well too. I give thanks to all who help and support me in anyways and hope we all see great outcomes together for who knows:)))) Thanks, A.B.
I must add here too, that I did go to classes for becoming a CNA and worked along side my amazing Mother for a time at our local elderly home too this proved more than my nerves and depressions could take and thereapy over the years has also taught me that art is very healing for many of life's problems and situations in many different ways and here now I find this to be very true too. I have put much of my feelings and emotions into everything I post here in my own ways, also having learned some grounds keeping or landscaping works for a few years in Sacramento I have always liked working with flowers a bit too. I have many inspirations and plans everyday it seems more come to me I am interested in a few different medias as you will see from this page. Painting,photography,virtual world photo's, and even some drawing I started with colored pencil and astrology signs. I do have some interest in marketing or have in the past with several jobs I have had and hope to learn to sell and promote well enough here too with help from the team at Fine art america I should. Many thanks again, A.B.

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Native American Woman Healing Spirit Guides by Amy Bradley


Peonies in vase by Amy Bradley


Ladies walking on Tropical Island Road by Amy Bradley


Water Fall Fairy by Amy Bradley


Pond Fairy by Amy Bradley


Hot Air Balloons over Country Town by Amy Bradley


Full Moon over Ocean Cliff Falls Coast by Amy Bradley


Flower Fiary by Amy Bradley


English Garden Gate by Amy Bradley


Cosmos by Amy Bradley


Mixed Impatiens by Amy Bradley


Corn Flowers by Amy Bradley


Camomile by Amy Bradley


Cat Resting after Play by Amy Bradley


Butterfly Bush by Amy Bradley


Butterfly Fairy by Amy Bradley


Angel in Flower Garden by Amy Bradley


A More Mature Love by Amy Bradley


Aged love by Amy Bradley


Snow Fall on Tree and Bird House by Amy Bradley


Snow Covered Bird House by Amy Bradley


Birds In The Wind by Amy Bradley


Winter Birds In Flight by Amy Bradley


Poppy Face by Amy Bradley


Oriental Pink Poppies by Amy Bradley


Flower Basket 2 by Amy Bradley


Flower Basket by Amy Bradley


Cherry Fresh Love by Amy Bradley


Mountains with Lake by Amy Bradley


Blue Mountains by Amy Bradley


Mountains through Trees by Amy Bradley


Wallowa Mountains by Amy Bradley


Ice Cycles by Amy Bradley


Stage Display by Amy Bradley


Young Lady Mermaids by Amy Bradley


Little Mermaids by Amy Bradley


Taking a break by Amy Bradley


Wearing Great-Grandpa's Hat by Amy Bradley


Wearing Grandma's Scarf by Amy Bradley


Calico cat in poppies with butterfly by Amy Bradley


Rhododendron by Amy Bradley


Queen Anne's Lace by Amy Bradley


Jonquil- Spring Bulb Bloom by Amy Bradley


Plumeria by Amy Bradley


Celtic Cross Floor Art by Amy Bradley


Four Season's by Amy Bradley


Seaside Beach by Amy Bradley


Hollywood Beach by Amy Bradley

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