Deborah Talbot - Kostisin - Fine Artist

Deborah Talbot - Kostisin

Portsmouth, RI - United States








Deborah Talbot - Kostisin

Portsmouth, RI - United States

Deborah Talbot - Kostisin - Fine Artist

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About Deborah Talbot - Kostisin

After working for 30 years on my art I have discovered that for me the creative process is about surrender not control. I have stopped trying to
control the relationship of color, form, composition or anything else I have been taught. I am a printmaker this means that process is more important to me than product. It is the creating not the creation that drives my art .

Also for the past 10 years I have been developing my photographic skill while I travel. I tend to be a bit of a purist not enhancing the image through the computer but using different lenses and shooting at certain times of the day to capture the scene or image. I have honed my compositional skills through the lens and have taken these skills to the print studio with me.

The crucial variable in the process of creating my monotypes is forgetting what the rules are and becoming the ink across the surface of the plate then surrendering it to the will of the press. It is always a wonderful surprise to lift a print off the press and see what has become of the image I began.

When I choose an image for a photolithograph I use a strong graphic image with big formations and I like to make the image big, no smaller than 20 x 20. This process is problematic as I actually use a piece of paper as the plate. As you might guess it is quite difficult to do without ripping and there are a number of other limitations I find experiential and challenging. Although the term lithography depicts an ability to produce more than one image my process nonetheless produces just one. I usually find I like to enhance the image further with other mediums after it comes off the press. In this process I am not a purist.

I am currently learning a new technique 'photorealistic collagraphs' This is the most labor intensive process yet for me. It takes weeks to develop a plate but I will be able to make many prints from it once it is done. I look forward to sharing them with you in the future.

It seems I am best pleased when I work from what I am feeling not what I am seeing, expressing images that have a sense of freedom, tragedy, ecstasy and remorse. Reason and the classic rules of art are left behind, as my work attempts to express the soul.

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