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Andrea Folts

Green Valley, AZ - United States








Andrea Folts

Green Valley, AZ - United States

Andrea Folts - Fine Artist

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About Andrea Folts

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Andrea Folts is known for her whimsical style, and for her bold intense use of color. Her paintings have been shown in galleries in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Andrea also has a line of note and greeting cards selling in many shops throughout the U.S.A.

Andrea was born in Chicago, Illinois. She left Chicago in 1982, traveled the USA and abroad, lived in the Yucatan state of Mexico for nine years, on Whidbey Island, WA., and now resides just outside of Tucson, Arizona where she spends most of her time in her studio.

Andrea has a deep compassion and passion for animals and nature, and therefore, she is drawn to doing pet portraits, and whimsical renditions of animals and flowers. “I find a lot of joy painting the creatures I love in very bright, bold, intense colors.” She sees the colors in her minds eye and transfers them to the canvas. “I don’t think there’s a place an adult can have more fun than I have while at my easel creating.”

Over the years Andrea has worked in several different mediums, but it‘s painting with acrylics that she enjoys most. She returned to college in her forties, and studied different drawing techniques. She then studied under individual artists, and learned more about style and composition from these talented artists whose work she found extraordinary. She began her work drawing with pencil seeking perfection until, “finally I discovered that I would only feel accomplished, and creative finding a style of my own.”

While living in Mexico she taught herself to paint. “The Mayans introduced me to innocence, and a primitive, childlike attitude which they expressed through their art form.” This gave her permission to discover those qualities in herself. “I discovered that art was not about perfection, but about taking risks, enjoying the process, and remaining positive. So I let go and allowed myself permission to experiment. I started to discover myself, and to have fun.”
Andrea began painting for her own enjoyment, but soon was asked to show, and sell her paintings in a resort area in Mexico. “I discovered that many people were very excited about the intensity of color, and the imagination I was displaying. I had no intention of selling my work. It was public support that encouraged me to continue on.”
Many people have questioned her about what real art is. “It is my personal belief that art is about imagination, and creativity, and what you as the viewer enjoys, and moves you. I am hopeful that my work will move you in some way, and that you will enjoy the color, and the imagination involved in creating each piece.”

“I wish to give special thanks to my husband Victor, Aunt Git, Christine Wandrey, John Simpson, and Bobbie Rodden for their encouragement, teachings, and support.”

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Dos Oso by Andrea Folts

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