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Andreea Paraschiv

Bucharesat - Romania








Andreea Paraschiv

Bucharesat - Romania

Andreea Paraschiv - Fine Artist

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About Andreea Paraschiv

It was a chilly day in Toronto when her airplane landed at Pearson Airport. She was on the wrong flight because the one from Bucharest had arrived at Frankfurt late. After an overnight in bright, strange, chilling Frankfurt she finally caught the transit plane to Toronto where her long estranged family was waiting. The year was 2003, and the month November, on the 18th.
Andreea Diana Paraschiv was indeed travelling from Europe to North America in the hope of a better life and to reconcile with her long lost father. She had been born 18 years earlier in a city called Bucharest, also the capital and one of the biggest cities of Romania- a Latin country in the heart of Eastern Europe.
As a child she enjoyed her past time by painting on the walls of her grandparents home even though she would get scolded and the drawings erased. Anyone who knew her also knew she always had some kind of marking device in her clutch. They all said she would become a true artist in her own right and her mother had supported her in this endeavor.
At the tender age of 11 she was already taking private painting lessons in the interest of getting accepted at Bucharests' most prestigious art highschool, Nicolae Tonita. Due to a mixup with the highschool testing days she missed her chance to apply and decided to go in a completely different direction. She instead joined a highschool specializing in Mathematics, Sciences and Computer studies. Although her life had taken a turn in the opposite direction her passion and love for art would resurface in her young adult years.
While in highschool she began taking an interest in architecture and soon enough was taking architecture classes with one of Bucharest most acclaimed architects, mister Constantin Constantinescu. This career change had again been stiffled by the decision to travel to Canada.
Once in Toronto Andreea followed a Catholic highschool and, although enrolled in mainly science and math classes, the amazing art teacher there, Mrs. McDonnell, managed to respark what had always been in her heart, the love for Art.
Having learned Enlish at the young age of 5 from none other than Cartoon Network cartoons, Andreea takes the decision of applying and attending one of Canada's great Animation Schools, Seneca College. This was a tumultous time for her as an artist. Not only was she being introduced into the magical world of moving drawings, but also her horizons were expanding due to intruduction to computer based art and art software. Soon enough she had immersed herself in the electronic age, learning to use the computer as a very useful tool to improving artistically and getting a unique edge on her personal art.
Among other talents, she is proficient in foreign languages like, Romanian, Spanish, French and a beginner to intermediate in Farsi (Persian).
Andreea is currently enrolled in studies at Seneca College with the goal of becoming a teacher in order to pass on her skills and knowledge to future generations. She has successfully held private art classes as well as worked with a fairly big number of children, from age 5 and up, instructing them in art and engineering endeavors. She loves children and believes their education should be a right and not a priviledge. For this reason she is an avid suporter of the Khan Academy, not for profit Organization.

For those interested in free education please follow this link:

And the rest is history!

Name: Andreea Diana Paraschiv -mother Mihaela Bogaciu -father Daniel Paraschiv
Born: September 23rd, 1985 in Bucharest, Romania
Age: 25
Likes: Books, Sports, Teaching, Music, Vibrant colors, Life, The World, Peace, Love, Movies, Spring, Fall, Animals, Veggies, Photography, Architescture, Animation, Art, Impressionism, Dali, Klimt, Caricatures, Math, Science, Nature, Hiking, Camping, Travelling, Swimming, Family, Friends, Languages, Illustration, Design, Graphic Design.

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