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Angelina G T

Snohomish, WA - United States








Angelina G T

Snohomish, WA - United States

Angelina G T - Fine Artist

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About Angelina G T

'I hope my art can create a chuckle, ease a heavy heart, and bring people’s gaze to our Creator.' – Angelina G. Tereshchenko

Angelina’s fascination for art began as a little girl when her father gave her a notepad and pen during their trip to Italy to keep her from being bored. Not being able to read or write yet, she filled it up with drawings – drawings of her surroundings and her emotions at those moments. She became absorbed in studying the things around her and recording them, and those around her have noticed her unusual ability to stay focused for up to many hours at a time to work in the details. After that trip, she says, “Art soon became my diary – and my way of life.”
Angelina is a self-taught young artist. Her worldwide travels are evident in both the realistic and fantasy design-like styles that she works in.

'Painting for me is a healing process and a way I worship. I feel as though God is the master painter and I - the paintbrush. He's painting my life story - adding bits of detail here and there, and putting remarkable dabs of color on my canvas. Soon the image comes into sharper focus - and with time my life mission comes into view. My mistakes are painted over when I give my Master the control. And those grueling long hours of pain and frustration were necessary in order to be turned into a beautiful painting called Virtue.'

'Now I see art as music that is frozen in time.'

Enjoy my gallery!

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Tulip Aflame by Angelina G T


Royal Tulip by Angelina G T


The Beauty Invader by Angelina G T


The Scarring Rose by Angelina G T


The Pure One by Angelina G T


Artist in Bloom by Angelina G T


From the Harvest by Angelina G T


Kaleidoscope Eyes by Angelina G T


Draping Over by Angelina G T


Coca-Cola for you by Angelina G T


In His Hands by Angelina G T


The End of Autumn by Angelina G T


Technology Art by Angelina G T


Resisting the Wind by Angelina G T


The Kind Which Will Bring Forth Fruit by Angelina G T


Beauty of Thy Handiwork by Angelina G T


Blooming In by Angelina G T


Inside an Orange by Angelina G T


Citrus Glow by Angelina G T


Into the Wind of Nothingness by Angelina G T


Sunflower Sunshine by Angelina G T


Tiger Rose by Angelina G T


Tiger Rose ll by Angelina G T


Flaming Yellows by Angelina G T

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