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Anil Nene

Pune, Ma - India

Anil Nene - Fine Artist

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November 8th, 2007







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About Anil Nene

I have been working in the architectural field since last 15 years. I am fascinated by the aesthetics in art and built form. My fascination led me to venture into field of water color painting.

Painting integrates all of the basic art expressions. I enjoy doing them and it’s like finding invisible through visible. It has enriched my perception and understanding. It has always been another energizing factor for me. It helps me to think of leaping beyond my abilities. It is the expression of the whole experience. I have learnt to look at everything intensely through painting.

I love challenges in painting like choosing subject, taking risks, play of lights/darks, colors, tones, textures, values and finding compositions in ordinary scenes. I like exploring new ideas and techniques.

I like watercolors for their lucidity, transparency, spontaneity and happy accidents. To me painting is like talking to your Self.

I have participated in group shows in India. I am indebted to my gurus late Mr. Pratap Mulick and his son Mr. Milind Mulick for inspiring me to paint.

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Togetherness by Anil Nene

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