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Anisha Bordoloi

Chennai - India

Anisha Bordoloi - Fine Artist

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About Anisha Bordoloi

Some things touch the heart at the very first instant. One such joy is Anisha Bordoloi's impressionist paintings. They are simple, unpretentious, and exude warmth, much like the artist.

Self-taught when it comes to watercolours, Anisha has chosen to share some of her expressions with the universe. She has been vastly inspired for years now by Monet, Manet, Gaugin, Pissarro, Cezane, Van Gogh, Thomas Cole, and Seurat among others. And then there are “the same old things” that continue to inspire: Mother Nature, music, books, poetry, photography.

Painting and reading filled her childhood years, a time in her life when she was fascinated with Heidi’s life up in the mountains and intrigued by Saint-Exupéry’s beautiful imagination. Rumi, Gibran, Hermann Hesse, Thomas Hardy, and the brilliant Romantic poets had a powerful impact on her little mind. The heart responded adequately in the form of long hours in an astral world of happy colours. Little has changed since those years not so long ago. A quietly growing collection of books, music, and films keeps her busy. That and a bit of writing, painting, and playing the fool.

Anisha is considered worryingly funny by her husband, a description that, she says, ought to be strictly reserved for comedy gods, Dylan Moran, Fry and Laurie, The Pythons, and Bill Hicks. She believes her strengths lie in her unhurried sense of compassion and her self-effacing humour. She claims to be the planet’s biggest QI (Quite Interesting) fan, and forgives you if you dismiss it as pure exaggeration.

All sale proceeds from Anisha's paintings support her massive dreams of a fairer planet. She is determined to play her part well. About her time spent with abandoned children who possess a natural inclination for art, she feels there’s a reason. She is positive that art, like music, heals subtly. One common thought she shares quite happily through all her paintings is: 'It is good to be great, but it is great to be good.'

Anisha has taken her paintings beyond friends to a larger audience through her online art gallery here at Fine Art America, and a few exhibitions. She has found great support for her artwork in the West. She hopes to touch hearts of every country on the planet soon. She intends to explore the retail option based on demand, convenience and reach.

Anisha Bordoloi, a commissioned artist, holds a Diploma in Fine Arts (In Oils) from the British Institute of Education and Technology, and is based in Chennai, India. She has started a series in oils called 'Astral views'.

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God's presence by Anisha Bordoloi


Shades of brown by Anisha Bordoloi


Forest Mist by Anisha Bordoloi


Incomplete Sea by Anisha Bordoloi


Silent company by Anisha Bordoloi


The path to God is not as long as it appears by Anisha Bordoloi


Only You by Anisha Bordoloi


Higher Love by Anisha Bordoloi


Misty mountain hop II by Anisha Bordoloi


'Way over yonder' by Anisha Bordoloi


Found my path by Anisha Bordoloi


Found his path by Anisha Bordoloi


Wild spirit by Anisha Bordoloi


On the road by Anisha Bordoloi


3am Reverie by Anisha Bordoloi


'At the dark end of the street' by Anisha Bordoloi


Countryside in Dooars by Anisha Bordoloi


Colours of the sky by Anisha Bordoloi


Blue River by Anisha Bordoloi


'Whole lotta love' by Anisha Bordoloi


Pottering about by Anisha Bordoloi


Veggies by Anisha Bordoloi


God's blessings by Anisha Bordoloi


Gratitude by Anisha Bordoloi

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