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Anjali Sarkar

Silver Spring, MD - United States








Anjali Sarkar

Silver Spring, MD - United States

Anjali Sarkar - Fine Artist

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About Anjali Sarkar

Hello Art Admirers,

I am a pen-and-ink-artist and photographer. I believe in the immediacy of artistic expression. Having experimented with various visual media, I have developed an appreciation for artistic rhythm in pictorial compositions. This emerges as a cross-section of frozen time in the quick sketch or the photograph - something a planned oil painting or sculpture can never deliver due to the rigors of those media.

Even though the beauty art that takes a long time to form has enchanted me, the loss of the time dimension has left me feeling stagnant, temporally disoriented and artistically stifled to a certain extent, for I feel so much of life and art, at least my art, is about time. So I have returned, time and again, to my favorite medium - pen and ink and the charcoal stick. All my drawings are from real life, done then and there. The immediacy is what I try to capture. In all my images the rhythm of time is my underlying subject. I look for the beat in all I perceive. That is what finds expression in my drawings, sketches and photographs.

I hope you enjoy the images that I have uploaded here. Please leave a comment.


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Basilica of the Immaculate Conception by Anjali Sarkar


Construction work in downtown DC by Anjali Sarkar


Private Office Building in Washington DC by Anjali Sarkar


The bell tower machinery at the Post Office by Anjali Sarkar


Office building beside old post office by Anjali Sarkar


The grounds beside the old post office by Anjali Sarkar


Washington Monument and Skyline of DC by Anjali Sarkar


Skyline of DC by Anjali Sarkar


Occupy Wall street protests by Anjali Sarkar


View from the tower of the old post office by Anjali Sarkar


Man with earphones by Anjali Sarkar


Peter on the cell by Anjali Sarkar

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   |   Images = 12