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Ann Radley

Vancouver, WA - United States








Ann Radley

Vancouver, WA - United States

Ann Radley - Fine Artist

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About Ann Radley

I love the mystery and the beauty of all life forms. Look here for original paintings in oil - portraits, dancers, divinities that exude wisdom and peace..... and wildlife. I often paint to help organizations giving sanctuary to threatened wildlife. I am vegan, and practice yoga regularly.

I have been drawing and painting for ages. I worked on Wall Street in my early twenties, immersed in business pursuits. Happily I was able to reconnect with my artistic side in my late twenties. I studied at the Art Students League, while still living in New York and drew inspiration from the world class art collections there.

From New York, I moved to London. I was able to travel throughout Europe and study the work of the masters. I studied landscape painting in France and portraiture while living in London. I began painting portraits by commission in 2002.

I am currently residing in Vancouver Washington where I work from my home studio. I am an animal lover big time and am inspired by individuals working to protect wildlife under threat. Equally those individuals working to promote compassion for farm animals and compassion in our food choices.

By the way, if you love to draw, or are simply curious about it PLEASE READ Joy of Drawing

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