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Anna Androsovski

Paris - France

Anna Androsovski - Fine Artist

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About Anna Androsovski

I was born on the 14th of February, which is St. Valentines day, and indeed I was made with love. My grandmother told me, that when I was very-very small, I was touching the air and as if drawing in it. My grandmother is religious and thought that I will become a healer and will heal people by hands. Despite her expectations, that strange hand movements were transparent pictures. You would laugh if you see my child drawings. Even if it was a triangular princess with long hands, my parents would say that this is the best drawing they ever seen. I think such atmosphere made me to believe that I can create something beautiful.

The interesting fact is that, when I draw I see everything in black and white colors. Of cause I differentiate the colors, but while drawing they become a play of shadows.

Things that inspire me… are the one that cause emotion. This impression, when you look at the picture and feel its life and motion inside. I always try my best to give this expression to my works, maybe that is the most important part of art.
I sincerely hope that you will find your own vision of my works. And welcome you here!

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Paris, - May 11th, 2013

From the artist: " Previously I was selling the originals through the gallery exhibitions, eBay auctions, recommendations of the buyers... But FineArtAmerica DOESN'T GIVE ME A CHANCE! People from different countries were contacting me about available originals, and since I draw a picture only once - I have rarely available originals. (Thus contact me, that I can keep you updated). Now I much more feel support, feel that people actually like my style. And that is the crucial moment, since I had to find my niche. What I have noticed, that I began to watch people... how they talk, how they stand, flirt - this gives me emotions and inspiration. I want that all my works to be at the high level, and that's why I try to make each of them special. So I hope emotions, that they cause in you will not fade. Thank you for this opportunity to talk to you. I wish you lovely spring!"