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Anthony Snyder

Portage, MI - United States








Anthony Snyder

Portage, MI - United States

Anthony Snyder - Fine Artist

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About Anthony Snyder

Ever since I can remember there have been two passions in my life: drawing and horror. Some of my best childhood memories include watching horror movies on TV, sitting up close to the screen, drawn to the action, gore, and unintentionally hilarious situations. I’ve always felt both in my art and my favorite horror films that there should be some camp involved. It’s that dark humor that helps inspire my
own illustrations. Shows like ‘Tales from the Crypt’ and movies like ‘Creepshow’ have become staples of what I love in a good horror story: bad puns, surreal environments, and(of course) a horrific end. As I grew up these things were always a part of me, yet only in the past couple years
have I put both of these passions together. I started my art career in a very different place from horror and the macabre- drawing single panel comic strips dealing with local politics and off the wall jokes published in local papers. Beyond comic strips I had also lent my talents to varied commissioned work. In fact, some weekends still find me at an open house picnic table doing caricatures for kids or drawing commissioned portraits of family pets. My work has changed quite a bit
in the last five years, evolving from pencil-drawn cartoons to what I feel is a more vibrant, dramatic style more like the graphic novels that I admire. After trying a variety of markers, pens, ink, and even chalk(which began and ended with an unsettling pastel of an axe-wielding lumberjack) I feel that I’m finally reaching the style that resonates most with me. I want to share the same joy I used to get every time I heard the Cryptkeeper cackle and cry out “Greetings
Boils and Ghouls!”. My hope is that you will come to my pieces with the curiosity of that child watching the bone-chiller on late-night television…it’s dark and there is probably something scary in the basement, but you’re laughing.

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