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Anton Egorov

Haifa, Israel - Israel








Anton Egorov

Haifa, Israel - Israel

Anton Egorov - Fine Artist

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About Anton Egorov

My name is Anton , i am 26 years old , i have been doing arts for as long as i can remember myself, i currently leave in Israel Haifa but im originally from the Ukraine , i started from classical painting and moved on to Digital painting , some people say that its not the same as painting on canvas , that it 'lacks the feel'. but i think that its art and in art the medium doesn't matter as long that it comes from the heart.

As long as i can remember myself i have been painting , if its 'arts and crafts' in preschool , or going threw high school and collage.
in collage studied art and design , specifically Graphic design and since that have started my own webdesign business, but i always wandered about being able to sell my own art and not do client orders anymore .

so here im trying it out again hoping to at least get some input from other artists about my work or possibly to do a collaboration with someone.
so thats about it ill love to hear (or read) what you think about my artwork.

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