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Tony Vegas

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Tony Vegas

Las Vegas, NV - United States

Tony Vegas - Fine Artist

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Born in Mexico, Tony Vegas entered the world of art at an early age, with the use of pencils and paper like any artist. His interest for art grew wider and became the beginning of test and trials in oils, inks, watercolors, and pastels. He later pursued his passion for art by entering art school, where he explored new medias. His main interest at the time was airbrushing portraits, which took him time to reach at a high level like a portraitist . A few years later with the knowledge he had gained, Tony opened his own sign and screening shop and his interest to learn more art forms introduced him to the art of tattooing. Through his career as a tattoo artist he kept studying and searching for more concepts that would complement his knowledge of art. In 1986 he first saw Ruben Saddot spray painting on the streets of Mexico City.
During that time period many of the spray paintings involving fantasy art, sci-fi art and cosmic art were inspired by collection cards and magazine cutouts from artist like Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta. In the beginning Tony was not very interested, but after watching Ruben spray painting several times and talking to various street artist, he found out that Ruben was the creator of this new art form known as Aerosolgrafia or (Spray paint art) . At that moment the idea of spray paint became Tony’s new interest. Two years later he decided to contact Saddot, unfortunately it was too late, as Ruben Saddot had passed away in an accident. Saddot trained a small group of no more than five followers, who formed the first generation of spray paint artist. Tony had the opportunity to be trained by one of those few artist Rafael Martinez. With the help of Rafael M. and the inspiring 30 minute paintings created by Bob Ross from the T.V. show The Joy of Painting, Tony created his first spray paintings. He began combining his knowledge of art into spray paint using a combination of different techniques and skills that give him the ability to translate his emotions into images. Tony Vegas has carried on and enriched his technique, evolving it into what you see today in his beautiful masterpieces. Which are now spread worldwide and will last a lifetime with special significance behind each piece, not only to the people who buy them but also to the creator who paints from the heart.

“Spray painting is a spiritual and magical street art form that transmits the audience and the artist the freedom to dream and escape to other worlds.” Tony Vegas

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