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About Art Society Art Society, a Non-Profit Organization Supporting Artists. Offering paintings and sculptures by some of the best New Zealand and Australian artists in many different styles, mediums, shapes, colours and sizes. Art Society is a Non-Profit Organization supporting and promoting artists and art in general, through organizing physical (real life) art exhibitions for members, helping members to get additional exposure online and offline (often for free), art lessons for general public (often free), free community activities, free direct contact with artists and more. Unlike many other Non-Profit Organizations, we DO NOT ask for taxpayer money - we proudly try to earn the money for our activities ourselves and if we do not earn, we do not spend. Simple as that - we believe that the taxpayers should NOT be forced by governments to pay for somebody elses activities, whether they like them or not. So by buying our prints, greeting cards and originals you will be supporting a Non-Profit Organization which DOES NOT ask for your taxpayer money. You can support us because you want to, not because you have to. Thank you for your support out of your own free will !

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Miriam Ruberl

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A full-time artist, her desire is to transmit her passion and gratitude for life and the personal privilege of being alive. Her work is frequently inspired by the mysterious, and she despairs of ever fully transmitting their sublime qualities – but quitting is not an option ! She is also regularly driven to protest in paint by the outrageous inhumanity of people towards each other, the plight of those devastated by the natural catastrophes of our times, and humbling moments when people anonymously come to each other’s aid in the face of life’s unbearable blows, or two human hearts connect, however briefly. Not bound to one medium or genre, the alchemy between the support, the medium and the tools is an endless source of wonder and surprise. Each medium offers a different energetic experience and language. Not consciously working within any one movement or style, it is the PROCESS of painting that enthralls her as the work unfolds from within. The finished piece bears witness to her perception at that time. She paints because she must. She is often surprised ! Artist’s background: Painting now for over 10 years, she has also completed a Diploma in Arts and Creativity. A growing body of realistic and abstract works are now in Bay of Plenty collections, as well as those of other parts of New Zealand, Japan, Australia, the USA, Ireland and Spain. A number of awards for both realistic and abstract paintings have been generously bestowed upon her and she has successfully participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions and fund-raising auctions in Auckland, Wellington and the Bay of Plenty. She is honoured to be invited to lead workshops from time to time and plans to further expand this great source of enjoyment. Phone: (07) 578 5388

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