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Ashari Galleria Abstract Paintings

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Ashari Galleria Abstract Paintings

Gualala, CA - United States

Ashari Galleria Abstract Paintings - Fine Artist

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'Hari Thomas' photo by Daniel Furon

UPDATE from Asha: I am so delighted to announce that my book on the abstract paintings and life story of Hari E. Thomas is completed and is now available at independent bookstores world-wide, at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other outlets. The book shows 105 of Hari's beautiful abstracts, each on its own page; and it includes a biography on him based on my interviews with his inner circle friends and son, and on my own memories of him. It also shows 18 portraits of Hari, as well as a sample of his own theoretical writing on Art. The book's title and details:

The Abstract Paintings and Life of Hari E. Thomas, a San Francisco Artist

by Asha Carolyn Young
(copyright 2014, Carolyn J. Young, Flowering Light Books)

The publication was made possible by donations from many fine friends -- THANK YOU ALL! The book is available in hardback and paperback, and an eBook edition is following. Please take a look.

Light and Love - Asha

Ashari Galleria Abstract Paintings presents artwork by Hari E. Thomas and me, Asha Carolyn Young -- two painters who watched and enjoyed each other's paintings for over twenty years as closest of friends. The emphasis is on Hari's paintings, since this presentation is more about his artwork, which was entirely abstract. (I show more of my abstract and representational artwork, at Asha Carolyn Young,

On July 14th, 2011 Hari, passed on to The Other Side, and though he is gone in form, his spirit sails on. He painted abundantly, and we who love him and his artwork will require years to photograph and post his beautiful paintings here on this website. We're grateful and glad for this opportunity to continue sharing his paintings with the world.

I have just completed a book on Hari's paintings with his biography, to be published this month, October, 2014. The first 90 paintings under 'IMAGES' represent those so far selected for his book. Hari left many hundreds of fabulous paintings, so the book will likely be followed by others. Once this first book is published and available to the public, I will oversee production of a solo art show displaying as many of his pieces as possible at a major educational institution or city center in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hari and I always considered each other \\\'partners\\\' in Spirit and endeavor. We sometimes hung our paintings side by side on show walls. Now we show together once again on FAA and are also able to offer quality prints and original paintings. Our gallery name, Ashari, is a blending of our two names, just as our artistic vision often mixed and blended.

As painters of the abstract, we shared enjoyment of spontaneous, unplanned and surprising moments in painting, letting those experiences guide us. We both relished water-based paints, textured surfaces and creative mixed media for the \\\'looseness\\\' and amazing beauty these processes offer. We cherished vibrant and uplifting colors; and we were always devoted to living as joyously as possible, despite the weariness of a troubled world, and to sharing joy through our expressions.

We met at the Berkeley Adult School, where Hari was working as an Employment Counselor and I was teaching ESL. Soon
we were traveling around the East Bay and San Francisco looking at art together; visiting the studios of each other; studying our paintings together for hours; and planning and showing our paintings together. And so it continued for over 20 years very happily.

While he was here, Hari shared my heart-felt gratitude to the founders and staff of FineArtAmerica for this great opportunity to display and share our images.

All paintings by Hari E. Thomas and all paintings by Asha Carolyn Young shown at are copyright Hari E. Thomas (and belong to his son Brian Thomas and family), and copyright Asha Carolyn Young, respectively. Fine art prints and greeting cards are available for all images; and many original works are also for sale.

Everything shown here at Ashari Galleria Abstract Paintings is but a small part of our eternal expression of thanks to the Great Spirit.

We thank you for visiting our gallery, and may your journey be peaceful and blessed. -- Asha

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