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Barb Yates

Benton, IL - United States








Barb Yates

Benton, IL - United States

Barb Yates - Fine Artist

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About Barb Yates

I began my artistic journey, sadly with the tragic, sudden death, of my dear husband. He passed Aug. 2006. I needed to find a way to work through my over whelming grief. Art became, and remains my avenue of healing. It is to him that I dedicate my ongoing art filled life path. I know he would be encouraging me to continue, constantly reaching higher.

My life long passion for animals, has helped me in developing my skills in painting realistic, likenesses of my subjects. But more than just a likeness, I strive to capture that unique attribute, that hard to define element, that makes each animal unique. You know what I mean, that character that is unlike any other. Bringing into my paintings, the emotion that is experienced by not just recognizing the likeness, but the soul of each individual animal...that is my goal.

I am a self taught artist, and other than a couple of years of experimenting with pastels as a very young child, I have been painting for approx. 6 years.
As a young child, I wasn't encouraged to continue in art. So, it wasn't until my husband's passing, that I rediscovered what I now know I was meant to do with my life. Paint!

As I reach higher and higher, along my journey, I find myself becoming comfortable with the abilities I have been blessed with. I strive to improve with each work, and am content with the knowledge that my learning will never end.
Other than selling prints of my work, I offer a few Originals from time to time.
I also work on a commission basis and welcome inquires.(please see my website for commission info. to paint a portrait of Your pet!)

I am currently represented by the IL State Museum and Gallery/Artisan Shop/Whittington, IL

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