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About Barbara O'renya

Welcome in my heART !!
I'm a french artist soul doing my fanciest to express wonders and magic of life through my digital creations...
In this gallery, you cand find my artwork and also enjoy high quality prints of any picture you'd like to have Home..
Isn't that a magical deal ..?!? ^_^
Click on the picture and read the description on the right will learn sometime a whimsical story about my creatures ;)

Now, as a lazy but yet creative girl,I 'd rather let some amazing people introduce myself ;) :

'I believe Barbara is one of the sweetest artists I've ever known. Her art gives me a time trip back to the time when I was a little happy girl who were protected by my parents love, and seeing her art, a lot of wonderful things come up in front of my eyes, which were only seen by innocent child's eyes such as playful fairies, talking animal friends.. etc. The transparent beauty in her art always purify my heart'
- Hiroko Sakai - San Francisco, CA

“Barbara is a woman who expresses her soul very openly. Full of serenity, joy, compassion and tenderness, it reflects through her art. Gentle to the eye, it welcomes everyone into the essence of who Barbara is, and it is surely a divine element.We've connected in ways some strangers who live within the same city cannot. Barbara being in France and myself in the US. It's profound and touching to know her sincerity in our friendship.”
- Ramon Trif - New York, NY

'I feel that every single trace of Barbara is a truthful reflection of the pristine beauty of her soul'
- Sebastian Sanchez - Round Lake Beach, IL

'quand je regarde les tableaux de Barbara, je ressens de la fraîcheur, du talent, une utilisation des tons pastels à la fois intelligente et tellement spontanée ! je ressens alors de la joie car il y a tellement de lumière...Tout est dans le ressenti.. les mots ne suffisent parfois pas à exprimer toute cette beauté et ce talent qui se dégagent...'
- Dominique Fruh- Lutterbach, France

'On dit que les yeux sont le miroir de l’âme. Les yeux des fées de cette artiste transmettent de la sérénité, magie et positivisme. C’est pour cela que j’adore ses oeuvres. De plus, elle a la capacité d’expérimenter avec d’autres styles et d’éléments. C’est une qualité qui lui permettra d'évoluer et rester dans le temps.'
- Nuri Martinez - Badalona, Spain

By watching at that video you will have a a very good insight of who I am and what my art is like...

Barbara Orenya - In my heArt

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Aliens United-le Droluron by Barbara Orenya


Aliens United-la Primatule by Barbara Orenya


Aliens United-Le Poulpillon by Barbara Orenya


Feel so special by Barbara Orenya


Fanciful Circus by Barbara Orenya


Christmas girl by Barbara Orenya


Greetings from the North Pig by Barbara Orenya


A gift for you by Barbara Orenya


Free yourself by Barbara Orenya


You are my deer by Barbara Orenya


Showered with gifts by Barbara Orenya


Lovely day in my Kingdom by Barbara Orenya


Venitian Carnival-The Fall Muse by Barbara Orenya


Robin redbreast by Barbara Orenya


Hornbill by Barbara Orenya


Midnight Owl by Barbara Orenya


The Fairy of winter lights by Barbara Orenya


Lil elves in a snow drop by Barbara Orenya


Three cute Angels by Barbara Orenya


Magical Reindeers by Barbara Orenya


The White Deer by Barbara Orenya


Santa Claus is coming to town by Barbara Orenya


Christmas time by Barbara Orenya


Christmas elves by Barbara Orenya


The Photographer by Barbara Orenya


Don't hold your breath by Barbara Orenya


Creamy cake by Barbara Orenya


Starry night at the Little Mansion by Barbara Orenya


The Fancy Little Boat by Barbara Orenya


All cats love fish by Barbara Orenya


The Inside Diver by Barbara Orenya


The Little Mansion on the Prairie by Barbara Orenya


Cuddle toys by Barbara Orenya


Cookies gourmandises by Barbara Orenya


Gourmet Delights - collage by Barbara Orenya


French Macarons 2 by Barbara Orenya


Coffee and muffin by Barbara Orenya


Coffee Time by Barbara Orenya


French Macarons by Barbara Orenya


Fairy cakes by Barbara Orenya


Good old Oreos by Barbara Orenya


Petits fours by Barbara Orenya


Medieval horse riding - The Lady by Barbara Orenya


Medieval scene - The Beggar by Barbara Orenya


Medieval Castle of Montrottier - France by Barbara Orenya


Douce France - Annecy by Barbara Orenya


Pears by Barbara Orenya


Juicy kiwis by Barbara Orenya

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   |   Images = 112




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