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Barney Davey - Fine Artist

Barney Davey

Scottsdale, AZ - United States








Barney Davey

Scottsdale, AZ - United States

Barney Davey - Fine Artist

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March 7th, 2009







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About Barney Davey

Barney Davey is the president and founder of Bold Star Communications, an art marketing communications and consulting firm.

Since 1988, Barney has been intimately involved in the art business. As a sales and marketing executive for Decor magazine and its sister Decor Expo tradeshows, Barney consulted with hundreds of the industry’s leading art publishers and self-published artists regarding their art marketing and advertising strategies.

Due to Barney’s extensive art industry contacts and experiences, he dealt with leading self-published artists and art publishers. Through his direct interaction, he has observed their best practices and noted similarities in their attributes and strategies.

Today, he benefits his readers and clients with the insider knowledge he gained and combines it with his own extensive marketing experiences.

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Straight advice is something we all want. In this book, Barney Davey useful ideas on websites, email marketing, blogging and more with that idea in mind. 

Music and art heal. The bring us together. They transcend hostilities. They help us find gratitude and common ground. They are abundance in our lives. 

Learning how to put first things first is critical to keeping the alignment of our thoughts and actions as they pertain to our genuine why. 

There are powerful and compelling reasons why artists should blog. For effective communications and list building, blogging for artists is the best tool. 

Work, real motivation and creativity are inextricably connected. Invariably, the most creative people I know or know about are busy, hard workers.  

Changes are part of life. How we deal with them is what makes the difference in nearly every phase of our lives, our happiness and success. 

Learn useful, profitable art show secrets from Owen Garratt. His simple, easy-to-use techniques work for any artist. He's found easy ways to sell at shows. 

Discover the benefits of knowing how to find collectors. It's the best way to make more money while securing your future. Selling to buyers directly is fun. 

Discover the benefits of knowing how to find collectors. It's the best way to make more money while securing your future. Selling to buyers directly is fun. 

Here is a roundup of some of the best Art Marketing News posts of 2016. It's a good time to review ones that helped and find new ones you missed.  

Networking for artists is essential for success today. It is the best way to get your work to market, and to sell your art to collectors directly. 

Learning methods for selling art with a back story will help artists increase the value of their art. Collectors and galleries always want something to say. 

Learning how to price art is a vital skill. Learning how to price art right takes thought, research and dedication to your craft. 

Being a happy artist does not mean the same thing to every artist. Still there are certain universal things you can do to make your life and career happy. 

Can artists enjoy prosperity and posterity? When you have the right positive attitude, nearly all things are possible. Your outcome is under your control. 

No one intentionally seeks to create career calamity. It happens because you are unfocused, trying to do too many trivial things, or are unaware of things. 

Who doesn't want to do better? Sometimes the thing stopping us is us. I'm working on doing better and I encourage you to think about how you can, too.  

I offer mostly practical advice to artists. These are some of the best books for artists that also provide useful advice on how to have success as an artist 

It is a wonderful time of year to take stock to renew and rejoice. No matter how well or poorly things are going, take a minute to reflect on what could be. 

You have to keep getting better. It's the only way to stay fresh and compete. Your competition is improving and staying put is not an option. 

You may have obstacles, but you can make your art career epic in every way. It is a matter of learning, believing and doing. Action is the key. Get started now. 

Knowing a little more about sanity and success and how to protect and progress with them can make a huge difference in your career. 

5 Reasons Why People Dont Buy Art

February 27th, 2016

As a small business owner, you need as much information as possible about why people don’t buy art. You need to know why your work sells and why it doesn’t. 

Useless stuff is a root cause of failure in careers, relationships and personal development. Useful actions can fix all those things and more.  

It is a stiff challenge to make your art career amazing. Just a modicum of success does not come easy. Finding the best help makes a difference. 

Pinterest for artists has potential. As with all social media, your results will fare best if you are invested and interested in using the platform.  

To have the greatest success, you need to have a repeatable system and know how to price your art for profit and competition.  

Learning how to barter can help you make money, buy products and services and move your inventory beyond selling direct or through distribution channels. 

Learning self-promotion techniques and regularly applying is one essential way artists can take control of their careers and sell more art as a result. 

Not everyone gets to be an artist. It is an honor and blessing to have the talent to create art.Learn to relish and share the abundance before you. 

It's critical you know how big is your stack. You need stacks. However, too much of one, or not enough of the other creates problems for your art career. 

Use these ideas to grow your art career in new, profitable ways. You're sure to find a few nuggets among these valuable suggestions. 

Making your art pay is no easy task. You need to learn how to balance money & creativity. Arts and Numbers is a terrific must-read book for artists. 

Milton Glaser is a towering figure in the world of graphic design. His importance and influence cannot be overstated.What a career he's had. 

Mindfulness and Gratitude

November 28th, 2015

Making Thanksgiving count for more than time for family and feast is important. Mindfulness about intention and gratitude will improve your life. 

What Kind of Art Sells Best

November 21st, 2015

Asking what kind of art sells best may be the wrong question. It's too general to be much help. It's better to know your buyers' tastes. 

A key to your long-term success and happiness is in harnessing your productivity. Becoming a productive artist is your path to prosperity and sati 

Finding art collectors is not free. Even without advertising costs, you pay in other ways. Promotional material and time networking are prime examples. 

The importance to lock down your website legally can't be overstated. The days of the Wild West Internet and lackadaisical excuses for any reason are over. 

You can start using these tips to help you sell more art online right away. Attitude, preparation, intent, desire and action all apply to online art sales. 

Challenge yourself to learn to use these seven tips for how to sell more art. You can master each of them if you try. Your career will blossom when you do. 

The best, easiest way to make selling art awesome is to sell to your friends. Don't have enough friends? No worries. There are places to find them all over. 

Knowing the best, most efficient ways to get your art to market makes all the difference in how successful you are as a professional artist. Learn how here. 

Learning how to profit from art shows can boost your career and help you sell more art. Owen Garratt's simple, easy-to-use techniques work for any artist. 

Your success depends on your ability to market your career. You have two jobs. One, make appealing art. Two, get your art seen by many qualified buyers. 

Selling POD art online is a great way to expand your customer base, extend your product line and deepen your price range. Use it to build a customer list.  

Your career takes off when you learn how to sell more art. Finding ways to sell more art to collectors is invaluable. It's easy to sell those who know you. 

You can make a career learning how to sell art to interior designers. Dick Harrison provides insights from his 20+ years selling art to interior designers 

Learning new ways on how to sell more art will make your career more profitable, successful and fun. Start with any of these seven and work through them all 

It was tough to choose the 15 best killer blog posts from more than 600 on I looked for the ones with the best ideas and information. 

Leaving a legacy is not a choice. You can choose to do things that will make yours have more lasting impact. It's not just about art, it's about your life. 

Being a happy artist does not mean the same thing to every artist. Still there are certain universal things you can do to make your life and career happy. 

How to sell art by thinking logically like top retailers. They have begun focusing on the next level above the middle class, which is the affluent class. 

You make your art career happen when you know and act on the five need-to-know keys art marketing success. 

There are good reasons why to use free images to make graphics and designs for your blog and website. Learn how I use Canva & Pixlr for quick & easy images. 

You have to carry your water. Hope is not a plan. Expecting others to do it is how to fail. As your career grows, you can hire someone to carry your water. 

If you look, my art career advice never makes wild promises about flashy unrealistic success. It's how to create a profitable, sustainable lifetime career 

When you follow these 5-steps to make sure you are not planning to fail, your are career will flourish. Use planning to put your career under your control. 

Knowing your lifetime art collector value helps you make smart decisions about your marketing. Use it to know where and how to invest in your marketing. 

The secrets to successfully make online art sales are similar to success selling art offline. It takes individual effort by the artist to make it happen. 

Artists who work on learning skills they can use to sell more art have the most successful careers. Learning to sell is a necessary skill you can improve. 

There are powerful and compelling reasons why artists should blog. For effective communications and list building, blogging for artists is the best tool. 

Here are seven questions when answered correctly that will make your art career amazing. It's all about putting together a marketing plan and acting on it. 

Do you know how to choose success? It's not something that comes easy to everyone. Fortunately, you can practice until you learn to make the best choices. 

Want to control your destiny as an artist? Stop worrying about getting found. Turn it around and start working on finding collectors who will love your art. 

Why Do You Make Art?

April 18th, 2015

For artists, I believe the answer to, "Why do you make art?" is complex, and no single answer will apply across the board. I think it is part of who you are. 

Discover the three things successful artists and businesses of all sizes use to fuel their growth. Get started toward greater profitability and efficiency. 

Here are some useful ideas, links and tools you can use to help you grow your art career and start selling more art. Pay it forward and share the love. 

Finding new, efficient ways for selling more art is a constant challenge for visual artists and fine art photographers. You can find support and help here. 

Artists who communicate well with words generally do better in their careers. Successful visual arts understand that communicating in writing is necessary 

Personal branding is not optional if you want to make the most from your art career. You can choose to ignore, but others and won't which leaves you no say. 

It is crucial to your career success to learn how to sell more art at shows. Mastering the intricacies of selling art at shows will boost your art career. 

Visual artists have unique advantages. You can learn how to use them to help you create new opportunities to sell more art and take control of your career 

Framed art makes a finished product. A frame enhances the beauty of the art contained within. Most direct buyers and nearly all galleries prefer framed art. 

Selling art is about getting connected. The Art Marketing Mastery Workshop shows artists how to find collectors, get and stay connected and sell more art! 

Often, making a few minor adjustments helps you to sell more art at shows. Sometimes, you just need an outside opinion to get better results. 

Artists who work at local marketing give themselves advantages. Their easiest sales will come from their local market, at a lower cost per sale delivered. 

Productivity is indispensable. Whether you desire being highly creative or or earning a generous income, or both, productivity is an essential ingredient.  

Artists who embrace and follow the 8-steps to art marketing mastery give themselves the best opportunity to create a rewarding career. 

Your art career is only as good as the actions you take to make it so because no one else is in line with big plans and fast actions to make you successful. 

There are many ways to find art collectors. Visual artists can use the ideas in this post to work on building their careers by selling direct to collectors. 

When you build lasting relationships with art buyers and collectors, and growing a list of responsive email subscribers, you have complete control. You set the rules, and you do your branding. Your marketing message is precisely what you want it to b... 

Artists can get found online, but using that as your primary marketing vehicle is not a recommended way for you to build a profitable long-term art career 

Are you enjoying the success you deserve and desire in your art career? You can, but you probably need to change things up. Discover new ways to market art. 

As an artist, you need to know the basics of copyright for artists to protect yourself from abuse by others and to avoid legal mistakes with your art. 

Giving Thanks

November 26th, 2014

Giving thanks should come easy because we are blessed with so much. We have talent to make art, build a business, and share creativity. Blessings to all! 

Not taming production problems is a curse for many otherwise talented artists. If growing your career is a goal, then you must learn to work efficiently. 

Learning about buyer social styles and how to use this knowledge in selling situations will enhance your ability to establish rapport and close more sales. 

For visual artists, daily blogging provides multiple benefits for their art buyers and them. It brings buyers into the conversation between art and artist. 

Finding art collectors is integral to your art career success. The more direct buying collectors you have, the more control you have of your art career. 

When I started using Grammarly my copywriting improved. So did writing sales letters, magazine articles and book pages. It's not perfect, but it is helpful. 

When you first believe then act on the principle that fame sells art you will find it works, often in an exhilarating way that propels your career higher. 

Learning the most efficient ways to price your art is essential to your long-term success as a visual artist. Both your profit and reputation count on it. 

Successful artists have developed consistent, efficient methods for pricing art. Getting in the sweet spot of "just right" pricing will help you succeed. 

Five Ways to Boost Your Art Career

September 27th, 2014

You can use lists of art business post links found here to help you discover new ways, and be reminded of traditional methods to boost your art career. 

Networking for artists is a powerful, affordable and effective tool. The easiest sales are always to those who know you, or know about you. Go get them. 

The First Rule of the Art Business

September 13th, 2014

The first rule of the art business is make art people want to buy and find efficient, effective ways to sell it to them. Without sales, it is not a business, it's a hobby. 

Selling art in interior design centers is different than selling art directly to interior designers. It is a potentially lucrative wholesale proposition. 

Tina Mammoser's experience with her Kickstarter Art Project is an excellent example of how visual artists can create success with crowdfunding. 

Artists who create a following by selling art to interior designers gain many career advantages. You can learn to enjoy success selling to designers. 

How do you feel about making art for money? If you are at odds with making art and making money from making art you might need to align your authentic self. 

An important part of competing in today's art market means is becoming a content creator. Alyson Stanfield provides useful ideas on how to create content. 

The power of a great backstory in successfully selling art cannot be underestimated. An intriguing story and compelling art create winning art promotions. 

Finding new ways to promote your art business is easy. All you have to do is look here, or how other artists, creative types and small businesses do it, 

Effective use of small business tools is essential to your art career success. These tools help you organize and manage your entrepreneurial operations. 

Learning methods for selling art with a back story will help artists increase the value of their art. Collectors and galleries always want something to say. 

Bad ass awesome sauce is all about attitude. It is a state of mind. When you feel it in your career, others will, too! Use it generously and share often. 

What makes people buy your work is a question artists will always ponder. Creatin an excitement about your work is one way to generate interest and sales. 

Learning to use these tips and techniques will cause a dramatic change in how you can improve your art business. A steady, methodical approach is a winner. 

These art marketing tools are like building blocks. Learn to use them and interweave them with each other is how you can efficiently grow your art business. 

Before artists jump in the art print market, it is crucial they know the most important questions about breaking into it, and if it is right for them. 

Art careers can fail for many reasons. Here are five common mistakes why art careers fail that you need to avoid. Do not let this happen to your career. 

Gaining art career clarity can make the difference between a marginally successful and a highly successful result for your art career. Time to start is now 

Social media for artists is just like any other marketing tool. It is all about what you do with the tool rather than the tool itself. Knowledge is power! 

In order for the majority of visual artists to maintain lasting art career success, a growing base of direct buying art collectors is recommended. 

Making successful art commissions need not be stressful or a money losing proposition. Taking your time to prepare is the key profitable art commissions. 

Selling art opportunities are on the rise. Consumer confidence and optimism in the housing market mean you need to take steps to be in line for your share. 

If the your current art sales suck, don't start by studying what kind of art sells best for a solution. There may be other reasons stifling your art sales. 

How to Start an Art Blog

April 6th, 2014

Success comes quicker and easier when you begin by learning the basics of how to start an art blog. Making good, informed decisions is the best to get start. 

As a small business owner, you need as much information as possible about why people don't buy art. You need to know why your work sells and why it doesn’t. 

Many talented artists enjoy a dual art-related career. They have found satisfying related work and use their spare time to create beautiful works of art. 

How to sell art by thinking logically like top retailers. They have begun focusing on the next level above the middle class, which is the affluent class. 

Success is an ongoing project that needs tending. There are no shortcut hacks to building reputation and relevancy in your online or in your offline life. 

Practice the suggestions here and put them to use, you will be well on your way to selling art better and making more money from the sales you complete. 

Benefits of Slight Celebrity

February 22nd, 2014

The aim of becoming a slight celebrity is to build awareness for you and your art. People like to buy from people they like, and admire. They root for locals. 

Myth of The Muse

February 15th, 2014

A muse does not make the difference between the average person and successful artists. Work inspires you. Talent, action and ambition make success happen. 

With your email marketing, you control every aspect of how it works. You can send on a schedule best suited for your art marketing. It gets the best results. 

For artists, cost savings are an attractive feature of accepting Bitcoin. Another feature is its potential to protect sales transactions for art sellers. 

There are many ways to boost your art career. Here are five ways, when worked together, that will bring you satisfying sales results and recognition. 

One of an art print publishers most crucial tasks is to find new artists and fresh looks. They take seriously that finding the ideal artist is critical. 

Working with fine art print publishers can open up new sources of passive income for visual artists, including entrée to the licensing and design markets. 

Successful artists use art marketing to communicate their offerings, promote their brands, identify new prospects and strengthen bonds with their customers. 

Whether you are a new artist or a seasoned pro, using microbusiness marketing and social media is how to increase your brand awareness and meet your goals. 

Your art career is in your hands. The resources you find here can help you make informed choices about how to help you achieve your art marketing goals. 

Finding leverage points to help you take quantum leaps will make for enormous differences in your art career success. LIft yourself above your circumstances 

Thoughts on Thanksgiving 20133

December 1st, 2013

On this Thanksgiving, I wish to thank you for reading my blog, for using your creativity to bring beauty and light to the world. 

When your work comes from the heart of your creativity, excels in its presentation, and touches buyers, it motivates sales and fattens your bank account. 

The path to success is accepting failure is part of the process, knowing what goals you want to achieve, and then systematically working to accomplish them. 

Choosing decisive action is a key component to your art career success. Either choose to establish goals and work to meet them, or your career to chance. 

The decision to go with open editions or limited editions in your art career is important. It needs to be thought through carefully. What's your opinion? 

You Can Be Great

October 26th, 2013

It is never too late to find out and believe you can be great. When you do and you take action to match your belief, you start up the path to career success. 

Understanding how art prints differ, and how each versions is defined is crucial for any visual artist who seeks to be competitive selling art prints today. 

Creating a successful art career is as much about running a profitable small business as anything. Consistently doing the right things is how to succeed. 

The impact and importance of social media for artists cannot be easily dismissed. We will tackle how artists should use social media to grow their business. 

Seven Sins of Art Marketing

September 28th, 2013

Successful art marketing is both about doing the right things and avoiding the wrong things. Success comes by focusing your energy on productive activities. 

Looking for art trends is actually just looking for inspiration, isn’t it? Chuck Close's unique perspective on inspiration is you should just get to work. 

Keeping your website current is crucial to your online marketing. I recently overhauled my website to make it more functional for my users. 

You cannot afford to miss the importance of websites for artists. Your website is the hub of your digital identity. It is your base marketing sales platform 

For a successful art career, you need talent, hard work, persistence, patience, self-belief, the will to do things out of your comfort zone, and a plan 

Lori Woodward is highly unique as an artist and a writer offering art advice. Artists who study her art career and follow her blog can learn much from her. 

Visual artists who want to learn how to sell art prints will find How to Profit from the Art Print Market, 2nd edition, an easy way to get the inside scoop. 

Visual artists can put their art career success on permanent firm ground by building a base of 100 collectors who buy directly from them. Seize control . 

The luck of visual artists is they need only a small tribe of followers to create art career success, and they can use powerful marketing tools to get there. 

Pricing art, like art itself, is subjective. There is no set method of pricing art. Success and profitability are tied to setting proper expectations. 

Making giclee prints of your work is not a cure for original art that is not selling. If your original work sells well then consider adding giclee prints. 

Learning how to sell art successfully can be done by anyone if they are determined and willing use proven techniques, that are both ethical and effective. 

The artists I know who have enjoyed the greatest prosperity have abundance thinking, but they are also pragmatic doers. They act on their own self-belief. 

As an artist, you clearly are a creative person. Ask yourself how your creative marketing rates. Does it stimulate a desire to own your work? 

Remember, the interior designers market is more than 10 times larger than the gallery market, and your “fame” is less important to designers than collectors. 

If visual artists do not know what business you are in, you are destined to pay a hefty price in lost sales. Building direct buyers is imperative.. 

The good news is now that you know all visual arts careers have competition you can forget about it and work on building your growing art collector base. 

In a fine art career, one keeps from becoming a wandering generality and instead becomes a meaningful specific through vision, goals, self-belief and action 

When you look at the art business more closely, you find most successful artists are hardworking people who take their craft seriously and their business just as seriously. 

The opportunity to use art marketing to seize control of your career is now. Conditions are right, tools are plentiful, buyers are ready- you should be, too. 

Selling art is the heart of your business success. Steadily increasing art sales is how your business thrives. Selling art using email marketing rules. 

Email marketing for artists is the most effective way to build a loyal following and directly sell to collectors. The best time to get started is now. 

There is great power in knowing what you want your art career to become in the future. Use it to take control and shape your career. It is your destiny. 

At the heart of the success of every small business is an effective marketing strategy, including art careers. Art marketing drives sales and awareness. 

Bright Shiny Objects

April 13th, 2013

As with many things in life, there is a balance point where differing interests meet and good results follow 

The reason why personal branding is important is easy. If you fail to brand yourself, someone else will do it for you, and you may not like what they say. . 

Setting goals is essential the success of your art career, just as it is with any business, large or small. Be warned, failing to plan is planning to fail. 

Bob asks Barney Davey tough questions and digs for information about the fine art photography market, the print market, art marketing and social media. 

Regarding art careers, there are more ways to put your passion and creative talent to work creating work than you imagine including corporate art consultant.  

Email marketing for artists is a must for any comprehensive strategy designed to develop a successful art career. Get practical advice and useful ideas here 

Clarity in you art career is a blessing. Whether you found your path early, or came to it later, you can achieve a rewarding art career.. Get started now. 

There is plenty of time left in this year for you to start tackling art marketing opportunities, and to get a Virtual Assistant with your art marketing. 

Understanding and using email marketing design techniques increases your readers' interest. Effective design will keep them reading your email messages. 

Is your art career where you want it? If not, don’t feel alone. Many artists find scattered, ineffective marketing plans steer their art careers off course. 

Implementing an effective email marketing services for visual artists is crucial to their long-term success. Discover the best options for artists here. 

Experienced artists know successfully selling art takes persistence and talent. Art sales rarely are impulsive purchases. Discover new techniques here. 

Email marketing for artists is essential to grow a successful self-sustained art career. Artists need to develop ways they can sell direct. 

Email marketing is the most efficient, effective and affordable art marketing method for visual artists. A good email list is a powerful profitable asset .  

Technology trends are making dramatic changes to consumer habits. Artists need to be part of and understand the pitfalls and opportunities of the trends. 

Art marketing trends are evolving. Fine artists and fine art photographers seeking an advantage will use Social, Local and Mobile techniques to get ahead. 

I Am Still Here- Happy Holidays

December 22nd, 2012

I wish for Peace on earth, goodwill to each of you all. Many, many thanks to you for reading my blog. 

Canvas prints is a rising search term. It has eclipsed "art prints" in Google search traffic. Understanding search trends improves art marketing results. 

Selling art is a learned skill. You can improve by following simple suggestions. Join Jason Horejs and Barney Davey's free podcast for selling art tips. 

Changes affect us in nearly every way. For visual artists, changes can be obstacles, or opportunities. Dealing with them head-on is the way to succeed. 

Changes affect us in nearly every way. For visual artists, changes can be obstacles, or opportunities. Dealing with them head-on is the way to succeed. 

For visual artists, photographers and graphic designers there is real value in understanding color trends and color theory. 

The secondary art market continues to evolve just as all other aspects of the visual arts business do likewise. There is no standing still. 

Domain names for artists are highly useful for both online and offline marketing purposes. Choosing the right one is very important.  

A somewhat ugly truth about your art career success is that it often is less about what you know, and more about whom you know that matters.  

Blog topics for artists is sometimes made easier with outside inspiration. This post on blogging for artists is the second on blog topics for artists. 

Selling art is rarely simple. Successful art sellers use every technique available to makes sales happen. The "Be Back" is an easy-to-use, powerful one. 

Learning how to sell art prints is an acquired skill for most artists. Use the link in the post to get a free download of Chapter One of How to Profit from the Art Print Market here. Also, take advantage of the free email consultation offer. 

It is a great time to be an artist. Learn to celebrate and utilize the blessings you have. 

Having perspective in the business part of your art career is equally indispensable to having it in your creative side. Used properly, perspective helps create an achievable, believable vision for how your business will evolve over time. 

Working with a corporate art consultant can be lucrative. You can learn how to effectively reach and influence them here. 

If you depend on marketing to strangers before your warm market, you are adding degrees of difficulty to making your art career successful. 

Don't fall prey to your fears. Use your courage to overcome them and let it lead you to the success you deserve! 

When we are down, we are not out. It will be in keeping the faith in our ability and creativity and staying in touch with our desire to succeed that will be what pulls us back online, syncs our actions with our goals, and drives us to our ultimate su... 

Goals are necessary, but they are just words. Desire is about actions. The more you consistently act on your goals, the more your success becomes reality. 

In Art Making & Art Marketing, Use the Rule of Threes - You can find it and the power of its use evident everywhere. 

Thinking small is a common reason for any small business to fail, or fail to grow. 

Bad Ass Awesome Sauce is a way to describe your confident attitude and unique style. Pour it on. Make it good -- no excellent -- no superb... well, you get the drift. 

The primary reasons for blogging by artists is it helps find new customers and retain existing customers. Blogging gives your customers a chance to know you on a different level than you can achieve through a static website. 

If you learn to be effective at the local / regional level, you will create a solid foundation to help fund more extensive marketing efforts. Grassroots marketing does not require a large budget. It requires you learn to be pleasantly persistent in... 

Successful art careers happen to artists who have their heart in their business, and their business in their heart. A common trait of top selling contemporary artists is they put as much passion and importance into their business as they do into m... 

If you are managing your "art career time" efficiently, you will have more time for marketing... and for your studio, too. 

Successful art careers happen on purpose. When you encounter an artist whose career has blossomed, you know with certainty that two fundamental components of a successful art career have been mastered...