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BCA Galleries

Mumbai, MAHARASHTRA - India

BCA Galleries - Fine Art Gallery

BCA Galleries - Fine Art Gallery

Member Since: 01/16/2009

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Company overview: bCA Galleries is a contemporary art company and gallery based in Mumbai, India. Our focus is on emerging Indian contemporary art. Since our inception in 2005, we promote young and talented Indian artists globally. At the same time, we introduce non-Indian artists in India. The works of both Indian and international artists are displayed and sold from our website as well. We provide a complete detailed profile of the artist which aids in the decision making process of buyers who seek art for investment purposes. We also promote traditional Indian like Warli, Madhubani, Tanjore and Miniature paintings.

Also, we provide information on various events and incisive articles on art and especially contemporary Indian art, through our various publications like art reviews, quarterly magazines and interviews of Artist in Focus.

Mission: Promote Indian contemporary artists globally and promote international contemporary artists in India.

B2B: We are looking for like-minded partner galleries globally, interested in promoting Indian contemporary, traditional or tribal art to their esteemed clientele.

We ship artworks worldwide.

Know Indian art: Through our strategic location in the heart of Mumbai, we feel the pulse of the art world in India. Taking advantage of our proximity to artists and art lovers alike, bCA will now report on trends, happenings and events that affect the artistic Indian cosmos. Rest assured that interviews with the movers and shakers of the art world are also on the anvil. For those with an eye for art, read on…

Relevant links:

- Indian artists:

- Traditional Indian Art:

- Search Artworks:

- ArtNews - Mumbai:

- Commission a Portrait:

- Buddha Carvings:

- Quarterly Magazine:

- Information for Artists, Galleries, Publishers and Clients:

- Jivya Soma Mashe and the Warli art:

Artist represented

Selected Contemporary Indian Artists:

Abhijit Bhattacharya
Ajit Shevade
Aniket Khupse
Anjali Thakur
Bhanu Dudhat
Bhupat Dudi
Bilasendu Shil
H R Das
Jahar Dasgupta
Jenny Bhatt
Jivya Soma Mashe
Ketaki Pimpalkhare
Krishna Dey
Mayura Deshpande
Meghanad Ganpule
NikkiSingh Ureti
Prabir Shaw
Pradip Maitra
Prafulli Ajit Shevade
Pratiksha Parulekar
Priyanka Dua
Purnendu Mandal
Ramchandra Kharatmal
Ranadip Mukherjee
Ritesh Meshram
S Murthy
Sachin Shinde
Sandeep Paradkar
Sanjiivv Sankpal
Satish Kale
Smita Shinde
Snehal OakLimaye
Tarun Ghosh
Vishakha Apte
Yusuf Arakkal

Please view this link for the complete list -

Selected International Artists:

Araine Mercier
Azelio Corni
Caifun Jun
Charaka Simoncelli
Hide Nasu
Kazi Salahuddin Ahmed
Lucia Pescador
Maciej Gador
Michele Lombardelli
MinYa Yao
Mona Kenawy
Shola Mara Carletti
Sunil Kumar
Wenfeng Li
Xiang Chunsheng

Previous exhibition Highlights

Selected Exhibitions and Events:

- Art From Behind Bars, bCA Galleries, 2010

- Different Strokes, bCA GAlleries, 2009

- Parenthesis, Karachi (Pakistan), 2008/2009 in collaboration with Galleria 919
- Urbanisation, Mumbai (India), 2008
- Contemporary Indian Art, Milano (Italy), 2008
- Michele Lombardelli – Solo, Mumbai (India), 2007
- Italia Art Fest, Mumbai (India), 2007
- Harmony in Art, Mumbai (India), 2007
- Spirited Cities & City Spirits , Mumbai (India), 2006
- Lucia Pescador - Solo, Mumbai (India), 2006
- Jivya Soma Mashe - Solo, Milano (Italy), 2006
- GIFT II, Mumbai (India), 2006
- Festa Italiana (GIFT I), Mumbai (India), 2005
- Arambh, Milano (Italy), 2006
- Namaste India 2005, Mumbai (India), Milano, Bologna (Italy)

Submission Policy
bCA Galleries™ encourages artists that are interested in being represented by us in international exhibitions and promoted by us globally to submit their profile, the pictures of their recent works and a passport photograph. We request all submissions in electronic format either via email or CD.

For more information please visit our website:

News / Others

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Location and getting there

bCA Galleries
107, Unique Industrial Estate,
Prabhadevi, Mumbai- 400 025

Google map:

Director: Mr. Ivano Rondelli
Co-ordinator: Ms. Razvin Namdarian
Email :
Telephone: +91 (0)22 24220284
Mobile : +91 (0)93 20321545/6

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Ashok Kumar - Lady


Ashok Kumar

Swati Jadhav - Face


Swati Jadhav

Manish Hatkar - Abstract


Manish Hatkar

Vipta Kapadia - Abstract


Vipta Kapadia

Yasha Sharma - Ladscpae


Yasha Sharma

Suresh Gulage - C S T Station

C S T Station

Suresh Gulage

Ramesh Gujar - Figurative


Ramesh Gujar

S Murthy - Dancer


S Murthy

Shola Carletti - Abstract


Shola Carletti

Maciej Gador - Figurative


Maciej Gador

Dnyanesh Gholap - Figurative


Dnyanesh Gholap

Pradeep Kanik - Couple


Pradeep Kanik

Ramchandra Kharatmal - Figurative


Ramchandra Kharatmal

Mahaveer Swami - Figurative


Mahaveer Swami

Jana D - Figurative


Jana D

GopalSwami Khetanchi - Figurative


GopalSwami Khetanchi

Ashok Khant - Figurative


Ashok Khant

Abhijit Bhattacharya - Figurative


Abhijit Bhattacharya

S-Murthy - Figurative



Vishwajeet Naik - Figurative


Vishwajeet Naik

Vishwajeet Naik - Figurative


Vishwajeet Naik

Sunil Bambal - Abstract


Sunil Bambal

Sunil Bambal - Abstract


Sunil Bambal

Shahed Pasha - Figurative


Shahed Pasha

Search Within This Portfolio

   |   Image Count = 160