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Ben Porway

Amherst, MA - United States

Ben Porway - Fine Artist

Ben Porway

Member Since: 07/16/2012

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I didn't appreciate the true power of photography until recently. To me, it didn't make sense to take photos when the eye could visualize a scene with infinitely more depth and resolution than a camera. It wasn't until I was introduced to the world of macro (close-up) photography that I became fascinated with the true power of digital images and photography.

I use close-up images as a way to explore the world, and hopefully intrigue others in the process. I love to take ordinary objects, and photograph them at extremely close distances to show them in a totally new light. Much of my work is influenced by the natural world and sciences, and my curiosity for how systems works on a small scale. The growing trails of approaching ants, or the simple reflection of the sky in a falling droplet of water are absolutely fascinating to me - I use photography to capture these moments and spark curiosity in others.

I hope some of what I create may inspire and interest you. I love creating digital images that turn the ordinary into extraordinary, and plan on continuing this exploration for the rest of my life.


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Ben Porway - Jax


Ben Porway

Ben Porway - Pensive Pomeranian
Ben Porway - Ghost Cow 1

Ghost Cow 1

Ben Porway

Ben Porway - Calvin Exploring

Calvin Exploring

Ben Porway

Ben Porway - Calvin


Ben Porway

Ben Porway - Hydrate


Ben Porway

Ben Porway - Recycled


Ben Porway

Ben Porway - Vacation


Ben Porway

Ben Porway - Entropy


Ben Porway

Ben Porway - Cold Blooded

Cold Blooded

Ben Porway

Ben Porway - Denial


Ben Porway

Ben Porway - Irony


Ben Porway

Ben Porway - Candy is the Cure
Ben Porway - Boobs and Candy

Boobs and Candy

Ben Porway

Ben Porway - Lazy Eye Calvin

Lazy Eye Calvin

Ben Porway

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   |   Image Count = 18