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Betty OHare

Chico, CA - United States








Betty OHare

Chico, CA - United States

Betty OHare - Fine Artist

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About Betty OHare

I am a painter/sculptor, having completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts work at San Jose State University in Studio Painting. Until now, my work has been quite large in scale (see Garden Abstracts Gallery) and I have been fortunate to have it purchased by private individuals as well as corporations, banks and other commercial venues. I now find myself wanting to work on a much smaller scale and have been experimenting with the collages which you see on this site.

Collage is an art form using the technique of adhering torn and/or cut-out images to a flat surface creating elements of a design or picture. I use a lot of magazine images as well as my own printed papers. Like painting, I may draw or paint directly onto these images.

All of my art has been influenced by love of pattern, color and design, of being schooled in Interior Design and, of having worked designing sets in community theater. I also have had the advantage of living in many cosmopolitan cities where I've have had access to the stimulation of museums and galleries.

Finely, I want to mention the lack of titles to some my work. I find it difficult to come up with names after working on a piece; it seems sort of after-the-fact and so I often choose to just number my collages for reference.

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