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Bev Veals

Carolina Beach, NC - United States

Bev Veals - Fine Artist

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About Bev Veals

Drawing and replicating things that I have seen and places that I have been has always been an innate response to the passage of time in my life. I was once told by a teacher that if I took notes as well as I doodled, I might be an A student in her class. Instead, I made stars out of the isosceles triangles and characters sliding down the sides of others. The margins of my notebooks were jammed full while the pages were left mostly blank.

But I didn't explore art in college. Instead, I took what my family considered a more practical route.

In 1999, my life took a very different direction as I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer. As a stay home mom with two small kids, it altered everything from play dates to re-entering the job market. Instead, I started running breast cancer events all over the U.S. and internationally. In 2001, I was inducted into the the National Distance Running Hall of Fame as the first Suzy Award Winner for breast cancer survivorship, running and organizing road races.

Then, in 2004, I was diagnosed with a Stage IV recurrence. I had run the Boston Marathon that year to celebrate my five-year cancerversary with a cloud hanging over my head. I had a suspicion cancer was not done with me at that race and I knelt down and cried upon finishing. Not from joy, but from anguish. Again, life was altered, as treatment and just surviving day by day became the target. Though I kept running and, 'What's next?' became my mantra, cancer took a heavy toll on us financially.

We moved to the NC coast in 2009 to start over and instead of going back to work, I got back to my doodles and delved into the artistic talent I felt lay just beneath the surface. I started with acrylics and found my voice. Many of my acrylics were done while exploring the light inside me brought out by sand and sea.

In 2013, as I thought everything was going well, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIc colorectal cancer. During treatment, I did very little painting and had trouble even mastering my own convictions. Instead of bright and sunny shore scenes, my thoughts were dark and fueled by the fear of dying. And I was angry at the loss of control, financially and medically, that I had experienced with the previous diagnosis. Treatment was very difficult. Having been through so much for Stage IV breast cancer, I often questioned if I really even cared to bother to breathe.

Then, in the spring of 2014, I discovered watercolors. I had been afraid to try them but a friend urged me to do so. As I doodled and experimented with the watercolors, my spirit began to become reborn. I started to find joy once again in the places and things that passed by me instead of dreading the next day.

Art has been a healing undertaking for me. Everything I paint has meaning and is full of emotion. It is also very multi-faceted, as I am drawn to many things in this life. It's my diary: my 10th grade trigonometry notebook filled with patterns, colors, shapes and dimensions not found around your average right angle.

I don't claim to be a 'professional artist', but I feel I am an artistic explorer. Or at least a complex doodler. I hope you can enjoy what I have managed to create and look forward to, 'What's next?'

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Beach Time by Bev Veals


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Kure Beach Boardwalk by Bev Veals


Perfection by Bev Veals


Azaleas by Bev Veals


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Bluebird by Bev Veals


Bluebird by Bev Veals


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Whale Action by Bev Veals


Azaleas in Bloom by Bev Veals


Sunset @ Ft. Fisher by Bev Veals


Field of Poppies by Bev Veals


My Serenity by Bev Veals


Morning Bloom by Bev Veals


Iris by Bev Veals


Kure Beach Pier by Bev Veals


Moonlight Jubilee by Bev Veals


Dutch Iris by Bev Veals


Cape Romain in Carolina Beach by Bev Veals


The Dive by Bev Veals


School in Session by Bev Veals


Afternoon Break by Bev Veals


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Blue Hydrangea by Bev Veals


Sea Shells by Bev Veals


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Spring Wren by Bev Veals


Carolina Dogwoods by Bev Veals


Carolina Beach Pier by Night by Bev Veals


Poppies by Bev Veals


A Bit of Shade by Bev Veals


Egret's Perch by Bev Veals


Female Cardinal by Bev Veals


Ginger by Bev Veals


Cardinal by Bev Veals


Sandpiper by Bev Veals


Sandpiper by Bev Veals

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