Bill Stephens - Fine Artist

Bill Stephens

Back Woods, MO - United States








Bill Stephens

Back Woods, MO - United States

Bill Stephens - Fine Artist

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February 10th, 2010







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About Bill Stephens

About the Art:

Good Art communicates without asking permission, and has the ability to enlighten viewers of every age and nationality. In this gallery you might find work which is totally unique. While many works are similar enough, there are those which may not be, for there is work here which is intended to explore the limits of Artistic communication.

About the Artist:

I am originally from Germany, where I gained my appreciation for Art, and now reside in the peaceful forest of Missouri. Most all my work is from personal experience...animals I have known, places I have been physically, mentally or spiritually...all done to share with others. I believe in giving Art my greatest effort, with the intent to 'involve' the viewer, and to be a blessing. I love to enlighten folks, and hopefully to reach some with wonder and insight that may have remained hidden in the great confusion of it all.

You may notice that my main object of attention is the One who created it all for us to partake of. I believe that in time, each of us must surely give an account for our lives, and what answer shall we give? I have found out that we all have 'issues' which we chose to cling to, and those 'issues' often prove us unworthy, and at a time when the age of man is quickly drawing to a close. We must take life very serious, for nothing worthy in life is according to selfish desires. This is why there had to have been a 'Redeemer' to save us from ourselves. And what was His name? That name is in my Art. If we say we have no need for such a Redeemer, then we must conclude that we know everything, and that such a Redeemer is not needed, and thus it saddens me to say that my Art is of no value to them.

About you:

What we hang on our walls defines who we Are and what we are made of. While something 'nice' to go with the couch might seem good, something profound and beautiful (and maybe even inspirational) will add much more to those who pass through. We each pass this way but once.

Members: You can email me, but I am not allowed to return your email as I am being punished for the next year. If you want me to reply, you will have to put your personal email address in your FAA email. Thank You.

About my own printed work:

I produce my own high quality canvas Giclee up to 24x36 at prices comparable to what is offered on this site. I include several free 18x24 paper prints with every order and sign each canvas work personally. This is really the best deal, and shipping is FREE.

I may be contacted at
Please also supply a phone number due to hackers and spam issue with returning emails.

Bill Stephens

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I Am by Bill Stephens


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The King Is Coming by Bill Stephens


In God We Trust by Bill Stephens


Rainbow2 by Bill Stephens


Sept 24 2015 by Bill Stephens

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