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Bill Stephens

Back Woods, MO - United States








Bill Stephens

Back Woods, MO - United States

Bill Stephens - Fine Artist

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February 10th, 2010







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About Bill Stephens

At present and into next year, I am being punished by FAA for breaking rules, so I am not allowed any contact with anyone via emailing on here, but you can contact me via my email address at

This of course means that I will never be able to have a voice on FAA ever again, for it all ends in Sept. of 2015 as the entire world will be thrown into total panic with the collapse of the dollar, banks closed and no life as we know it remaining, and then there is the very possible collision of a 2.5 mile wide comet coming in at 20,000 MPH. Are you ready for that? The book of Revelation must begin at some point. We say that it can't be now, but why not now? Well, I certainly will be getting ready instead of wasting my time shooting the 'breeze' with people on this site. You are not ALLOWED to talk about anything worth talking about anyway....ESPECIALLY if it has to do with Yeshua.

I have tried to warn people, so my hands are clean. If people don't care to hear, then let them pay for their ignorance. Personally, I will be glad when it all ends for we have all been playing along and pretending at almost everything. We have been deceived and didn't care, so only one thing is left....destruction, and when it it comes, it will not be by accident. It will be because Yeshua, the Lord has had enough of the mockery. Maybe most have no idea how to survive, but we do have the chance to repent and call upon HIM while we are able. My hope is that is what you and others who have gotten to know me will do.

Blessings to all.


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