Biren Biren - Fine Artist

Biren Biren

Elk Grove, CA - United States








Biren Biren

Elk Grove, CA - United States

Biren Biren - Fine Artist

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July 26th, 2012







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About Biren Biren

Inspired by a disabled persons paintings, gave self a challenge that if a disable person can do that good I as an able person should do better. With that vision in mind and inspirations from wife Vina and some colleagues, I was able to produce masterpieces as shown in the gallery. Working on various mediums, doing landscapes, seascapes, murals, portraits and abstracts. Based and operating from Elk Grove California for the past 12yrs.

Achieved 1995 Fine Arts award by Western Arts and Craft Society in the Fiji Islands. Traveled various countries and seen rich tradition, cultures and landscapes. Currently working on pieces from around the world and will be displaying as completed.

Able to produce look alike pictures into paintings for your wall in whatever size your prefer. Put your fantasy in form of a painting and by looking at it every day you might work towards that and achieve it..

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Jet Fighters by Biren Biren


European Village by Biren Biren


Golden Gate Bridge by Biren


Bob Marley by Biren Biren


Bob Marley by Biren Biren


Eye Lashes by Biren Biren


Diana in a rose by Biren


Winery by Biren Biren


House by the Bridge by Biren Biren


Bob Marley by Biren Biren


Home Destructions in War by Biren


Great White feeding by Biren Biren


Mansion Fiji President by Biren


Great White Shark by Biren Biren


Snow Winter by Biren Biren


Train on Snowy Railway by Biren Biren


Warrior Fijian by Biren


Food chain or cruelty by Biren Biren


Reptile Iguana by Biren Biren


Tradition Warrior Fijian by Biren

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