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B K Lusk

Statham, GA - United States








B K Lusk

Statham, GA - United States

B K Lusk - Fine Artist

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May 22nd, 2012







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About B K Lusk

B. K. Lusk has been a well selling artist and prestigious award and juried award winner for over a decade. Her work has been seen in television, newspapers and publications nationally and you can find her art in galleries and private and corporate collections worldwide. You can also find reproductions of her work in stores, boutiques and through online shops across the United States.

I have been working on paintings that embody the power of woman through spiritual and deified representations. Some of my paintings are elaborate and ornate because they are icons of the feminine spirit. I have always been fascinated by religious icons and the elaborate detail and use of gold leaf in their representations and have used this influence to create my modern day icons of the strong and vibrant female perspective.

My true center is in a classical style and art nouveau, but I have recently began mixing in abstract influences, iconic and feminine spiritual tones with more fantasy themed subjects.

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Mermaid by B K Lusk


Butterfly Girl by B K Lusk


Tigerlily by B K Lusk


Tiger Eyes by B K Lusk


Sea Goddess by B K Lusk


Behind Blue Eyes by B K Lusk


Gemini by B K Lusk


Esmeralda by B K Lusk


Fairy and Poppies by B K Lusk


Siren by the Sea by B K Lusk


Falling into the Abyss by B K Lusk


Antonia by B K Lusk


Dancing with Butterflies by B K Lusk


Fall Fairy by B K Lusk


Amethyst Fairy by B K Lusk


Absinthe Fairy by B K Lusk


Eyes of the Sea by B K Lusk


Carnivale by B K Lusk


Mother and Child by B K Lusk


Metamorphosis by B K Lusk


Karma Dancer by B K Lusk


Starlight Fairy by B K Lusk


Mehndi Calypso by B K Lusk


Mermaid and Seahorse by B K Lusk


Letting Go by B K Lusk


Mystic Mermaid by B K Lusk


Tourmaline by B K Lusk


Tranquility by B K Lusk


Ice Maiden by B K Lusk


Serenity's Fall by B K Lusk


Midnight Fairy by BK Lusk


Serenity by BK Lusk


Athena by BK Lusk


Butterfly Fairy by BK Lusk


Karma Fairy by BK Lusk


Siren by the Sea by BK Lusk


Lady Poseidon by BK Lusk


Letting Go Again by BK Lusk


Blue Moon Fairy by BK Lusk


Fairy Godmother by BK Lusk

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   |   Images = 40