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Bob Kramer

Culver City, Ca - United States








Bob Kramer

Culver City, Ca - United States

Bob Kramer - Fine Artist

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November 5th, 2008







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About Bob Kramer

I am an amateur photographer who started taken photos around 2006. I am using a Nikon D 7000 and mostly take photos on the Westside of Los Angeles. I get just as much pleasure out of re-touching photographs in Photoshop as I do taking them. I shoot mostly landscapes, seascapes and street candid's. See my other website,

I also do a lot of hot rod photos and re-touching and have a separate site for those images. They can be found here on Fine Art America at this location: You will also find more images at my Flickr site: or my business website:

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Devil Or Angel by Bob Kramer


Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out by Bob Kramer


Washed Away By The Waves Of Time by Bob Kramer


Enchanted San Simeon by Bob Kramer


San Simeon By Moonlight by Bob Kramer


Aquatic Justice For The Countless Crimes Of Man Against Nature by Bob Kramer


Cyclelicious .... by Bob Kramer


Alive Yet Dead I Walk Alone .... by Bob Kramer


Stay Deeply Rooted While Reaching For The Sky by Bob Kramer


Under A Camel Sun Or A Marlboro Moon .... by Bob Kramer


Idle Hands Are The Devil's Workshop.... by Bob Kramer


A Pleasant Illusion Is Better Than A Harsh Reality.... by Bob Kramer


Rock Around The Clock by Bob Kramer


The Moon Spilling Splendor Around Me by Bob Kramer


Love Unflinching That Cannot Lie by Bob Kramer


That Certain Summer by Bob Kramer


Living On The Streets Is Lonely by Bob Kramer


Lots Of Hot Fudge Caramel And Whipped Cream .... by Bob Kramer


Stand By Me .... by Bob Kramer


The Variety Of Candy Caused Me To Be Uncertain .... by Bob Kramer


If I Die Today No One Will Remember Me .... by Bob Kramer


Unruly and Unresigned .... by Bob Kramer


Lonely Souls And Broken Hearts .... by Bob Kramer


We Live In Our Dreams .... by Bob Kramer

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