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Bob Kramer

Culver City, Ca - United States








Bob Kramer

Culver City, Ca - United States

Bob Kramer - Fine Artist

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November 5th, 2008







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About Bob Kramer

I am an amateur photographer who started taken photos around 2006. I am using a Nikon D 7000 and mostly take photos on the Westside of Los Angeles. I get just as much pleasure out of re-touching photographs in Photoshop as I do taking them. I shoot mostly landscapes, seascapes and street candid's. See my other website,

I also do a lot of hot rod photos and re-touching and have a separate site for those images. They can be found here on Fine Art America at this location: You will also find more images at my Flickr site: or my business website:

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The Bath House ..... by Bob Kramer


No Dogs Allowed Diner .... by Bob Kramer


Love Letters In The Sand .... by Bob Kramer


My Soul Is Empty And Void .... by Bob Kramer


Inanimate Yet Taunting Me.... by Bob Kramer


Damaged Angel .... by Bob Kramer


Last Hug Last Kiss .... by Bob Kramer


Mother Nature Wears Her Bridal Gown .... by Bob Kramer


The Song Of Her Whistle Screaming At Curves .... by Bob Kramer


Deliver Your Strife To The Tranquility Of The Beach .... by Bob Kramer


Even In Our Sleep Pain Falls Drop By Drop .... by Bob Kramer


Freaks .... by Bob Kramer


With Umbrella And Cigar In Hand .... by Bob Kramer


Man's Loneliness Is But His Fear Of Life .... by Bob Kramer


Waiting For The Day When His Pain Is No More..... by Bob Kramer


Curiosity Drives Exploration Forward .... by Bob Kramer


Eating Alone Is A Disappointment .... by Bob Kramer


Cold And Alone No Comfort In Sight .... by Bob Kramer


Yesterday When I was Young .... by Bob Kramer


Hurting Inside No One To Talk To .... by Bob Kramer


Deepening Shadows Gather Splendor .... by Bob Kramer


For The Demon Lurked Under The Angel In Me .... by Bob Kramer


Happy Cows Come From California ... by Bob Kramer


Enveloping The Senses With The Earthy Steam by Bob Kramer

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