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Bob Whitt

Miami, FL - United States








Bob Whitt

Miami, FL - United States

Bob Whitt - Fine Artist

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About Bob Whitt

Bob Whitt

The earth is a wondrous place; it fascinates me. Its evolving magic fills me every day. I think there has been no place on earth where I have set my focus that I have not seen some beauty. The sparkle in a bird's eye in the morning sun, the green glow of moss on a garnet colored rock, the hues of color in the setting sun to the awe inspiring green flash as the sun sinks below the horizon. Indeed, a baby's laughter; what can still the heart more?

First in my life is my wife of fifty-six years, and my children, my two daughters, my son, and my four grandchildren. Truly my fortune is to have had a wonderful family; a wife, and children to be proud of, and I'm able to bask in the knowledge, and knowing the beauty, and glory of that alone.

After almost six years in Burlington, North Carolina, from the spring of 2009, until December, 2014 we are back in Miami, Florida. We very much enjoyed life in Alamance County, the rolling landscape, and our access to the seashore and mountains, and North Carolina's friendly people.

Much has changed in my life as a boy in Northeastern Kentucky, but much has not, as my love for nature continues to evolve.

I studied photography at the University of Miami, and I've sold my work in gift shops, and shows from Miami to Baltimore, Maryland, and now Fine Art, and

Bob Whitt

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