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Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo

Omaha, NE - United States








Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo

Omaha, NE - United States

Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo - Fine Artist

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About Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo

My name is: Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo. I live and paint in Omaha, Nebraska. I am a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, with a B.F.A. in Art, with my thesis in Painting.

I have taught Painting and Drawing for adults and childrens classes at the Omaha Parks and Recreation Centers, I have also taught for Metro Tech Community College, and the College of St. Mary's, Boystown High School, and St. Agnes Grade School.

My main love in Art is painting, and most all of my paintings are in Acrylics, due to allergic reactions to Oil Paint, which I really like. I have recently been experimenting in Pastel, more, and I love the colors and the immediacy of it.

The subject matter that I pursue is mostly of an urban nature, with an occasional landscape. I do paint still lifes, in my Studio, from items of food, or flowers and objects that have caught my eye. I once painted a sort of 3-D still life, that is, my 'J. Doe Project' figure! I was chosen as one of the Artists to do a 'J.Doe', which is similar to the 'Cows on Parade' that other cities had done. Mine is painted all in fruits and vegetables, and I titled it: 'Produce R. Doe'. It was sponsored by and purchased for: No Frills Supermarkets. It can be seen in their various stores, in the produce departments, as it is moved from store to store. It can be seen by Googling it. I really enjoyed painting all of those fruits and vegetables!

Mostly I paint Acrylic, somewhat hard-edged,old architectural subjects, with a sometimes slight surreal twist to them! Frequently the walls peel vack to reveal the life inside, and many times there is life going on outiside in the form of sidewalk cafes. Also, I have a reall passion for painting fireworks! They are frequently added to my night scenes, or sometimes...just painted for themselves!

Over the years I have won many national, regional and local, art awards. My work is in many corporate and private collections throughtout the United States. I have, in the past, sold on such venues as e-bay. My earliest art awrds were in Grade School and High School, where I studied Commercial Art at Omaha Technical High School.

I see architecture as large works of Art, with a history context to them. This is especially true for older architecture, which, sadly, we have lost so many excellant examples of, in the recent past, with mass urban revitalizations. I like to recapture them in my paintings and in a sense, put them to a new and different use!

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Inverted Heart Lullaby Lane by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Reflecting on a City by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Stuck in the Snow in the Alley by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Procession at San Rufino by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Mexican Home with Ghosts Images by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Mt Diablo View by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Outside the Pizzaria Ghost Image by Bobbi Baltzer Jacobo


Angelos' Gift by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


My Mylar Gift by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Fire at the Butternut Building by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Pigeon at Night by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


The Sign Painter by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Fireworks at Sunset by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Loving You by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Fireworks Celebration by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Redbud Tree in Oldtown Springtime by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Escaping the Theatre by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


The Lobby at Christmastime by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo


Living Above Highway 64 by Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo

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